Fashion: Travel taste

By: Tinsley  Tullos

As the holiday season approaches, so do the miles of travel. While packing can be a pain, choosing a travel outfit can be just as dreadful. I found that, like most cases, layers work best. One can easily accommodate to any climate of destination. Trains, planes, vehicles and more; layer it up.

As the holiday season arrives, so do the miles of travel. I found that, like most cases, layers work best for most any destination. Photo courtesy of Google images

Scarves are a must-have when traveling by plane. If one’s outfit is just a tad bland, a scarf will add some spice. With adjustable overhead ventilation systems offered above seats, the temperature aboard aircrafts is often just right. While this may prove true, airports are generally chilly and therefore require an extra layer for example: a scarf. This accessory can also transform into a sweater-like shawl depending upon the thickness. 

Yes ladies, I am sure whoever is waiting for you at the gate is someone with somewhat of an importance to you but please dress accordingly to the duration of your flight. One does not always have to dress in stretchable exercise clothes, but keep the dolled up look minimized to a pair of nice slacks and a blouse and/or blazer. One can take a blazer with just a simple undershirt beneath and pair it with a pair of classic denim for a versatile look, both classic and effortless. A scarf is a great addition to this look as well.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Connecting flights are frequently on the opposite side of the terminal which tells you to prepare your walking shoes. Tennis shoes are not the most popular choice among many young women today, but there are plenty of comfortable walking shoe styles currently available. I would like to call these styles “secret shapeups” because of the high-top, jeweled and bright-hued effects to the clunkers otherwise known as tennis shoes. One can add a flat riding boot to the previous outfit choice for a sophisticated travel look.

Trench coats are all the rage among older groups, but not very ideal when it comes to the bulk and climate control offered. What I find best is a smaller version of a standard trench coat, something more along the lines of a cropped and adaptable jacket. A coat I find most helpful is one with a color that can match most any outfit, a zipper along with additional buttons, large pockets, cuffed sleeves (with the choice of a short or long sleeve) and a detachable hood.

Other types of transportation have temperatures that are generally fixated around the traveler, thus reduces the need for several layers. Instead, one should bring the garments she knows she will need at the time of destination arrival. One also has frequent stops compared to that of an aircraft, in which case also reduces the need for stretchable exercise clothing. Again, dress exactly as your intended destination’s climate.

Fight the hassle of choosing your travel outfit by following the steps listed above. One should change up her travel taste with just a smidge of packed on layers. Never regret a fashionable travel decision, chose outfits at night, and remember; always pack a carry-on outfit.


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