Fashion: Game day attire

By: Tinsley Tullos

My father recently asked me why I did not show my school pride through a t-shirt. I felt that was a rhetorical question. A t-shirt? It was as if we were not related. I am here to say that while game day  t-shirts are practical, they are not fashionable.

Fort Mill’s blue and gold can in fact be colored outside the lines of a boxy t-shirt. Photo courtesy of Google images.

One should show their school spirit in a refined and proficient matter just as it is shown in his/her academics.FortMill’s blue and gold can in fact be colored outside the lines of a boxy t-shirt. Contradictory to popular belief, the most outlandish outfit does not earn a reward. Sure one can grab his/her blue and gold t-shirts, black war paint and spirit beads, but why blend in with the fans? One should go for attire outside of the ordinary and show the rivals his/her professionalism. What better way to show sportsmanship by the use of clothes. The other team will see a side ofFortMillthat is less about winning and more about showing pride for the town represented.

A favorite way of expressing this inventive spirit is by wearing a printed light blue blouse with a navy blue collar approaching overtop, a gold pin, a pair of yellow denim and a pair of gold oxfords, a style of leather shoes with enclosed lacing. With this outfit, I have now shown myFortMillspirit in a fanatical yet sophisticated manner. No t-shirts, paint or beads needed. As I have mentioned in previous articles, a collar is the best and easiest way to show a sense of edginess. This theory then brings me to another favorite; a style which includes a vintage yellow puff-sleeved top with again another navy blue collar, a large honey-bee inspired ring, a pair of acid- wash cropped skinny jeans and another repeat of the gold oxfords. One gold purchase is a lasting choice. Few are likely to own gold which leads the other three/fourth of the student population to believe one has style.

Mastering the trickery of the eye is imperative. These tips and insights may take just a few seconds more than throwing on a t-shirt but they can make a world of difference. They are similar to the sample questions of the SAT. The idea is simple, but when it comes time for the question it suddenly becomes harder and seldom gets the correct answer. No one thinks of pairing the class of a collared top with the trash of a t-shirt which is the exact reason why others find it remarkable.

Students shall use these thoughts to improve upon their next choice of game day attire. F is for more than football, F is for fashion. Blue, gold, black, white, blouses, denim, collars, oxfords, BLUE and GOLD, all are free to be twisted into fashionable yellow jacket pride. Students should inspire not only the players on the field but the fans in the stands.


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