Fashion: The basics of classic layering

While coats are a staple for the Winter time, trying mixing a blazer, sweater and/or a scarf for the Fall. Photo courtesy of Google images

  By: Tinsley Tullos          

Is your fall shopping complete? Are you unsure how to style these clothes as the temperature drops? There is no need to worry with just a few layering tips to help you appear lovely, not bulky. This fall, layer scarves, jackets, socks and more.

As I scan the racks and isles of clothing available this Fall, I notice long flowing skirts and voluminous bellbottoms. In order to provide structure to these pieces, one must add a structured slim-cut mini jacket such as a blazer. This will give a sense of sophistication to that sinuous maxi skirt.  Bold colors, previously mentioned as this season’s colors to wear, are perfect for layering in a playful way. Some might say these colors pertain only to the summer time, but if coated on top of each other, they will present a Fall/Winter-time feel.

Avoid storing those rockin’ summer shorts and wear them as skirts easily accessorized with a pair of tights. This look goes great with a pair of boots or stilettos. Add simple quarter-length t-shirts underneath a daring blazer, a wrap-around scarf and a few bangle bracelets. One cannot possibly buy enough t-shirts, both quarter-length and long-sleeve. T-shirts can be worn under almost anything. Use them to wear as day/night time pieces, pajamas and apple-picking and/or snow gear. The best thing to layer a t-shirt under is a fancy frock. One can create a nighttime look in three seconds or less.

According to the stars, oversized sweaters and skinny jeans are in popular demand. The fit of the jean will distract from the size of the sweater.  Scarves and a pair of distressed boots are great to add for a low-key weekend combination.

While coats are a staple for the Winter time, trying mixing a blazer, sweater and/or a scarf for the Fall. Wear a pair of oxfords, dark color preferred, and create a men’s flair look. Feeling risky? Try a pair of leather pants in either black or red, and pair them with an aged sweater to create a play-down of the typical rocker feel. The sweater and possibly a cool color combination will portray the fact that you are not trying too hard.

Although I typically do not follow trends, let alone by the examples of stars, I do find this season’s worth the while. Layers are of the essence as they fill outfits with such simplicity. Carve those plain yet overly thought out outfits away and get to carving pumpkins.


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