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Hollywood couple divorce after 14 months of marriage

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By: Mariah Wilson

     It’s no secret that the Entertainment industry has its fair share of divorces, but the current split between a “pop princess” and a “over-the-top” comedian have left their fans asking what could have gone wrong.  Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry during the holiday break after speculations that the lovers were having troubles in their marriage.  Brand’s representatives told reporters that “irreconcilable differences” was the reason that their client filed for the divorce. The breakup rumors sparked when the “it” couple was photographed separately, with Brand visiting his home inEnglandand Perry spending time with friends inHawaii.  The couple were both seen not wearing their wedding rings, which added more fuel to the rumors. 

Pop princess and comedian divorce. Photo courtesy Google images

      The two first met during the filming of Brand’s hit movie, Get Him to the Greek, in which they shared an on-screen kiss that started the romance.  Unfortunately the scene was cut out of the film, but that didn’t stop the pair from meeting again.  A couple months passed until the two came face to face at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, which Brand hosted and Perry performed.  The British comedian-turned-actor and the 27 year old beauty began secretly dating in 2009.  The Hop star did not waste any time putting a ring on the pop icon’s finger for he proposed to her while on vacation inIndia after only four months of dating.

            When Katy Perry and Russell Brand married, the ceremony included two elephants for both of them to ride on and other over-the-top entertainment at a luxury resort inNorthern India. They did not sell their wedding photos saying they wanted to keep the ceremony as private and special as possible.  When Brand and Perry surfaced as a married couple, they acted like a couple of school kids who just discovered love.  In early December of 2011, the comedian told Ellen DeGeneres, “I am married to Katy perpetually.  Until death do us part was the pledge.  I am still alive,” when asked if he was having spousal problems.

            Since the divorce papers only held “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split with no other information, fans and critics have made their own theories on why the two did not work out.  One theory that has been spread throughout the Entertainment industry is that Katy Perry’s new partying ways has made Brand uncomfortable, who is a former alcoholic and drug addict.  Another theory, which TMZ set up, is that Katy Perry asked her husband to file the divorce because she did not want to disappoint her Christian Evangelical parents who raised her to know that divorce was wrong.   New details of Perry and Brand’s marriage have appeared in countless magazines and internet sites that say the couple did not sign a pre-nup.  This means that Russell Brand is to get $20 million dollars that comes out of Perry’s $55 million dollar net worth.

            Even though the split is difficult for both spouses, they are trying to refrain from more drama by staying friends.  Brand made this clear in a statement that was given by him personally on Friday after the divorce was finalized saying, “I’ll always adore her [Perry] and I know we’ll remain friends.”  The divorced couple are now beginning the healing stage of their split by spending time with family and friends.  This is especially a true with Katy Perry, who has found refuge with her best friend, Rihanna.  Fans of both Brand and Perry are hoping for reconciliation of the darling Teenage Dream singer and the outrageous comedian.  This seems like an unlikely chance because the two are not worrying about their love life, but more on their careers.


What are changes going to be for NFL?

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By: Erik Proctor

While the 2011-2012 NFL season is still going on, there are already changes for 2012-2013 season.  These changes range from quarterbacks, networks, uniforms to coaches.


The team’s home jersey used to be orange, but it changed to navy blue in 1997. Photo Courtesy Bing Images

There are several quarterbacks that are free agents, as of now.  Since the football season has not ended, the numbers of free quarterbacks could increase.  One quarterback that is a free agent is Donovan McNabb.  McNabb used to play for the Vikings. 

McNabb was sent to the Vikings after playing one season with the Redskins and now the Vikings are waiving him.  The second quarterback is Vince Young from the Eagles.  Young had spent six years withTennesseebefore sighing a one-year deal with the Eagles.  After coming to the Eagles, his performance was awful and will be playing somewhere else in the coming season as a backup.  The third and final quarterback is Matt Flynn from the Green Bay Packers.  Flynn will be playing somewhere else when the new season starts.  He is expected to get a big contract for 2012-2013 season.

            Another change in the NFL for 2012-2013 is the media.  The NFL announced on December 14, 2011 that yearly Thanksgiving games on Thursday will move to NBC.  That will be established in 2012-2013 seasons.  There are other things the media will establish in 2014.  As the media changes, the uniforms are changing.  So far, the only team that is changing uniforms is the Denver Broncos.  The team’s home jersey used to be orange, but it changed to navy blue in 1997.  This change was made by an overwhelming desire of the fans to wear orange at home.

            There are five coaches being fired at this time, since the football season has not ended, and the number of coaches could increase.  The NFL teams have not yet announced the 2012-2013 new coaches.  The coach of the Jaguars, Jack Del Rio, was fired and replace by Mel Tucker to finish the season. Rio’s record at the Jaguars was 69-73 for eight seasons as being head coach.  Romeo Crennel replaced chiefs head coach, Todd Haley, for the rest for the 2011 season.  Haley’s record at the Chiefs was 19-27 for three seasons.  Miami Dolphins’ head coach, Tony Sparano, was let go and replaced by Todd Bowles.  Sparano’s record at the Miami Dolphins was 29-33 for four seasons.

            Many changes are occurring in the NFL from quarterbacks to networks and everything in between.  So, next year your favorite team, player or coach might not be in the same place as you found them this year. 



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Have you ever wondered what foster care and adoption are? Have you ever thought about their differences? Why do kids want to be adopted verses staying in foster care? How did kids removed for the first place?

Foster care is children are placed into a home that they have never seen before with parents they have nerve met. Being adopted means a child becomes apart of a new family. New parents take on the responsibility from the biological parents and raise the adopted child as their own.   

There are a lot of differences and some similarities to being adopted and being in foster care. The differences are the guardian, (permanent/nonpermanent), and what happens when the child turns 18. A foster child’s guardian is the state. Being a foster child means that the child doesn’t have a permanent home. The child is there until he/she is either adopted, return home or have to move to another foster home. When parents adopt the child, the stay child is permanent unless the adopted parents decide to give them back. When the young adult turns 18 he/she can sign themselves out of foster care. The similarities are that they in both situations with the child don’t their biological parents. The parents have to go through paperwork and do background checks. They both are start after kids are brought into the Department of Social Services (DSS), which is when kids and young adults are taken away from your family, then the kids are placed into foster after the child then can be adopted.

  When it comes to contact with the biological parents, there is a difference. When a child is first placed into foster care for about year or two, DSS allows him/her to see his/her family. Sometimes after the parent’s, rights are terminated, which means to the real parents are not their parents? More the case worker can give the foster parents permission to allow the kids or kid to write to their biological parents. While still in foster care, they become a warden of the state.  When adopted, it is up to the parents to decide. Sometimes the adoptive parents will say no for the child’s best interest.  

            So being adopted is not a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with being in foster care. Some kids are fine with talking about it and others would rather keep it to themselves because they don’t want people knowing they were taken away from their parents.  Kids and young adults go into foster care for many reasons. So hopefully you learned something.


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By: Trevor Ottley

Your parents are always there for you. They can be your best friends, if you let them. Photo courtesy of Drew Marshall

                          Parents have a tendency to come off as annoying, strict, and mean. I know, because both my sister and I have experienced all of these symptoms from our parents at one point or another. Even though they may seem like they don’t care and they’re doing this just to get on your nerves, it’s not that at all. Surprisingly, they have a method to their madness. It’s called caring. Your parents care about you, no matter how much you might think they don’t.

                        All kids have experienced the most depressing, mortifying word that comes out of a parent’s mouth. This word is “no.” If you ask them to go to a concert and the bands that are playing are the Death Horses and Sadistic Killers, you shouldn’t be surprised when they say no. They say no because they don’t want you to get into trouble or to get hurt. Parents are smart when it comes to these kinds of things. I have been through this many times throughout my life already, and every time I have learned why they didn’t let me go. It might make sense in your head to go sneak behind the airport and watch the airplanes take off with your significant other, but your parents can see past your ridiculous thoughts and tell you what is actually the smarter and safer move. Parents aren’t dumb. Trust me. They know what is best for you, and they aren’t afraid to tell you what to do. You don’t have control over them; they have control over you.

            There are times when you need your parents most, like when your significant other breaks up with you, or when you’re sick and have nobody to take care of you. Your parents are always there for you. They can be your best friends, if you let them. They were teenagers once, and they understand everything you are going through. They always know exactly what to tell you to make you feel better. They care about you, really. Parents hate seeing you sad or in pain. For example, this past weekend, I was in the hospital for six hours due to intense stomach and back pains, and my parents were there with me every single second. I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way. I could see how worried they were, and it made me realize that they care about me more than anything. My sister has gone through very similar situations, and they were with her just as much as they were with me.

            Parents are awesome, if you think about it. They are always there for you when you need them, they know how and what to do to make you feel better, and they love you more than anybody could ever love anything. Just give your parents a chance and you will realize how amazing they really are.

A blast from the past: 90’s celebrities

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Madonna is a common 90's celebrity. Photo courtesy: Bing images

 By:Rose Snipes

            When thinking of celebrities today, you might think of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, or Brad Pitt, but who were the most famous celebrities in the 90’s?

            Popular Music will always go on, even after the singer has died. This brings the first celebrity Kurt Cobain. Cobain was mostly known for his role as the lead singer and guitarist of Nirvana. The band’s first breakthrough of success was with the hit “Smells like Teen Spirit,” from its second album, Nevermind, in 1991. Cobain left a big impact in the fashion world of the 90’s with the stereotype of grunge. Still used today, the look mainly consists of messy hair, flannel shirts and ripped up jeans.

            Another popular celebrity was Madonna, the American singer/songwriter and actress; also venturing into the field of fashion designing, children’s book writing, and film directing and producing. She is mostly known for her number one hits, “Like a virgin,” “Papa Don’t Preach” and “Vogue.” She has sold more than 300 million records and is known as the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time.

            A very popular celebrity, even to this day is Johnny Depp, winner of the Golden Globe award for best actor. The actor, producer and musician starred in the films Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow in the 1990s, today he is most commonly known for his roles in the films “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Sweeny Todd” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

            Celebrities have a big impact on our lives, whether it is through fashion; or entertainment., they will forever be in our lives,

Cartoon Ads

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Spong Bob is a common character in cartoon Ads

       By: Rose Snipes

      If you have ever walked through a grocery store and seen a young child, you probably witnessed them begging for a snack with the familiar face of a cartoon characters on it. Although there have been the occasional character on healthy foods, they are more targeted toward junk foods like sugary cereals and candy. “Marketers know cartoon characters sell food products”, that’s why the use them,” says Marion Nestle, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition and food studies.  

            A new study conducted by a doctoral student at Yale, Christina Roberto, and colleagues presented 40 kids, ages four to six with paired samples of crackers, gummy fruit snacks, and baby carrots. Each pair was exactly the same, except one of each had a sticker of Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dora, or Scooby Doo, while the other had no sticker at all. Between fifty and fifty-five percent of the kids said the food with the stickers tasted better than the food without the sticker (depending on the food). And seventy-three percent and eighty-five percent selected the food with the sticker as the one they would prefer to eat. “The study really nails it down”, Nestle says, “Now we have evidence for asking–no, requiring—food marketers to stop using cartoons to market junk foods to kids.”

            Food and drink companies spend over $1.6 billion each year to get children’s attention. Thirteen percent of the money is used on character licensing and other promotion efforts. Although the advertisements have declined in the last few years, they are still attracting children in the super markets and they keep them right at eyes level. Parents think that if they buy the healthy character labeled food products, their child will have a higher chance of eating them, but other studies have shown that this is not the case. The kid may think a vegetable is always a vegetable, or they are not used to the character on the package. “Young children, particularly under the age of seven or eight, really don’t understand the persuasive intent of marketing”, Thomas Robinson, a professor of health says, “That seems really unfair, and something we should protect children from, just like we protects them from other things we think are beyond their cognitive ability, like pornography.”

The Panda Express stops in Scotland

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By: Mariah Wilson

"Sunshine" and "Sweetie" get pampered while on flight. Photo courtesy of Google images

December 4, 2011 marked a historical day for theUnited Kingdomwhen two giant pandas were presented toScotlandfromChinaas a gift of goodwill. Scotlandhas been without endangered bears in the country since 1994, when their giant panda, Ming Ming, was shipped back toChina.  The two Pandas, affectionately known as “Sweetie” and “Sunshine” were transported by FEDEX on an 11 hour flight, which included a personal vet and in-flight meals. The giant pandas traveled in a Boeing 777, flown by four pilots with ‘extensive experience’ and were greeted with Scottish bagpipes as they landed.

            The transfer betweenChinaandScotlandtook five years to complete and included negotiations held by Chinese and Scottish officials coupled with input from both British and Scottish royalty.  The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, the charity organization that runs the Edinburgh Zoo where “Sweetie” and “Sunshine” are to call home, commenced talks regarding acquiring a pair of pandas as early as 2006.  Over years of negotiations, Scottish officials paired with the China Wildlife Conservative Association and made arrangements for the giant pandas to be flown fromChina.  It will take an estimated $70,000 a year to care for the endangered species in their new home.

            The transfer of “Sweetie” and “Sunshine” was not the first time that giant pandas were used in as a tool to enhance aUnited Kingdomcountry’s relations withChina.  In 1974, British Prime Minister Edward Heath received two giant pandas when he visited the country ofChina.  Since the endangered giant panda is a treasure to the Chinese population, receiving the two bears is seen as a special gift in the effort to bring theChinaandUnited Kingdomcommunities together.

Model U.N.

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Modern U.N helps with important college resumes. Photo courtesy of Google images

By: Mariah Wilson

If you are looking for a club that teaches you to work with your peers and sometimes your enemies, then you need to join Model U.N.  The club is centered around discussions regarding worldwide issues and through mock negotiations, students decide on solutions for them.  It meets every Thursday in Mr. Morgan’s room, which is located in room C-111.  There is a new debate coming up soon, so be prepared to come if you want a real-world challenge.

In the club, students take the place of ambassador from countries that are members of the United Nations to debate over current issues.  When Junior Jordan Wilson was asked about the opportunities that Model U.N. gives him, he replied, “It gives me the opportunity to work on my public speaking.  It also helps me keep up with the real issues that are taking place around the world.  Putting Model U.N. on my application for college will boost my chance into getting into the right one.” 

Procedures for the club are simple. Whatever country you are assigned, you will research topics to find the effect any one issue will have on the respective nation.  Each nation gets to negotiate on what changes need to be made to other’s governments. However, before the debate, a Model U.N. delegate is chosen, which means a student becomes the ambassador of the whole U.N.

The origin of Model U.N. is unsure because there are no official records.  It is believed that the first Model U.N meeting was held at HarvardUniversity. However, other schools have made the same claim. Disregarding the origins of the club itself, it remains a popular club to attend. Over 400,000 students ranging from middle school to college aged participate annually.  Former members include Ryan Seacrest, Rainn Wilson, current U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, and former first-daughter Chelsea Clinton.  The Model U.N. has been featured in hit shows such as; The Simpsons, The O.C., and Gossip Girl, giving the club additional notoriety. 

The Model U.N. can be a good choice for many reasons. It proves important for students who might want a career in global politics but can be entertaining even if you’re not interested in being a world leader. It can be used as an extracurricular activity for college resumes as well as another source for discovering the issue that effect our world.  So, if you are interested in joining a club that will improve your chances into getting into a top college, then come to one of the many club meetings!


Sports Fashion

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"Chuck Taylor’s went from basketball to an everyday, versatile shoe wear.."

        By: Rose Snipes

Sports fashion is not about sweat pants, neon leggings and sweat bands anymore. Sportswear has become street wear for any season. Many designers have used the sporty look like Burberry and Marc Jacobs. Alexander Wang, fashion designer has us looking up to football for a tomboyish and youthful look, but do not just look at football for inspiration; baseball, dance, and soccer can also be taken into consideration when looking for inspiration.

 The look started in the 80’s inspired by the aerobic exercise videos; everyone looked like they were going to the gym instead of work, but in this day and age we have toned it down a bit.

           Jerseyscan always be seen sporting numbers, many shirts today in fashion have numbers on them, whether it’s in rhinestones or glitter. Another look from jerseys are jersey knit fabric. This fabric is lightweight and comes in a variety of styles. Two-toned baseball tees can also be found in stores, paired with pinned striped or khaki pants, the to create a look that is both casual and fun.

            A sporty look that can be found on the head of many teenagers are head bands. There are many different types of head bands. Cloth or plastic, with bows or buttons; there’s so many different ways to wear these.

            Footwear is a must when trying to achieve that sporty look. Chuck Taylor’s went from basketball to an everyday, versatile shoe wear, they can now be found in a variety of styles and colors. Other old school sporty shoe brands are Adidas,

Sketchers and Pumas, if you are looking for that high-tech look invest in some Nike, New Balance and Diesel.

            So if you want to learn how to apply the sporty look into your wardrobe tap into your inner sports fan and do not be afraid to mix in some sporty looks that can range from relaxed to chic.

The Diva has returned

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By: Mariah Wilson

Lindsay Lohan has her first photoshoot since last jail time. Photo courtesy of Google images

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Lindsay Lohan?  Do you think about her talent, her beauty, or her success in the entertainment world?  Yes, all those things are true about the starlet, but most people see her as a troubled girl who just needs to get her act together.  The heartbreaking destruction of Lohan has been every reporter’s dream come true and has left the actress desperate to regain her ‘leading women’ persona.

             Lohan made her acting debut in the classic, The Parent Trap, at the tender age of 11. The movie catapulted her into stardom, but the young star was not even close from stopping.  Later on in her career, Lohan’s movie resume included Freaky Friday (2003), Herbie Fully Loaded (2004), and Mean Girls (2005).  Lohan, still in her teens during the films, seemed to be on the top of the world, and it looked like she was not getting off the pedestal any time soon.  That is, until Lohan was introduced to partying and drugs.

            The past five years have shown Lohan in her darkest moments.  There have been a series of car accidents for the infamous party girl that have been followed by charges of drug possession and driving while intoxicated.  Added to the star’s resume is five jail sentences, five rehab stints, and a couple of months of wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet.

                        In October of this year, Playboy announced that it would do a photo shoot spread with the starlet, which includes her first interview since her last jail time, and made a one million dollar deal with her.  The much anticipated spread was released early because of a hacker leaking the entire set of photos online.  In the magazine, which goes on sale on December 16th of this year, the troubled star poses in skyscraper stilettos, red lips, and platinum blonde curls.  This spread depicts Lohan’s admiration for Marilyn Monroe, who had her Playboy magazine spread in 1953 by Tom Kelley. 

            ‘LiLo’ also gave her views on the paparazzi’s fascination with her and the things she should have done while she was growing up as an ‘A-list’ actress.  When asked about what she would have done differently in her life, Lohan replied, “Looking back, I probably would have listened to and taken more advice from the people whom I admire and would have followed through with it more.”  She continued by adding, “During the last five years, I’ve learned that time flies faster than you think, and because you only live once, you have to learn from your mistakes, live your dreams, and be accountable.”  The starlet also brought up a quote said by her idol that has helped her at times when struggling with her own sexuality.  “Sex and sexuality are a part of nature, and I go along with nature.’  I think Marilyn Monroe once said that.  I certainly agree with her.”  Paparazzi have certainly been a big part of Lohan’s life and she has no trouble speaking her mind on the subject stating, “I have no idea why there is this fascination with everything I do!”  The Lohan’s lifestyle has been depicted in various photographs, with the young star in embarrassing compromises.  This is probably the reason why she has never very fond the shutterbugs.

            For the past couple years, Lohan has indeed encountered many obstacles.  Drugs, alcohol and scandals have overshadowed the young actress’s God-given talent and beauty.  Even though her critics are still critiquing her every move, Lohan’s true fans are sticking with her.  With the help of family, friends, and countless fans, she is determined to reclaim her status as ‘leading lady’.  From movie-goers around the world, good luck Ms. Lindsay Lohan!