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Hollywood couple divorce after 14 months of marriage

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By: Mariah Wilson

     It’s no secret that the Entertainment industry has its fair share of divorces, but the current split between a “pop princess” and a “over-the-top” comedian have left their fans asking what could have gone wrong.  Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry during the holiday break after speculations that the lovers were having troubles in their marriage.  Brand’s representatives told reporters that “irreconcilable differences” was the reason that their client filed for the divorce. The breakup rumors sparked when the “it” couple was photographed separately, with Brand visiting his home inEnglandand Perry spending time with friends inHawaii.  The couple were both seen not wearing their wedding rings, which added more fuel to the rumors. 

Pop princess and comedian divorce. Photo courtesy Google images

      The two first met during the filming of Brand’s hit movie, Get Him to the Greek, in which they shared an on-screen kiss that started the romance.  Unfortunately the scene was cut out of the film, but that didn’t stop the pair from meeting again.  A couple months passed until the two came face to face at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, which Brand hosted and Perry performed.  The British comedian-turned-actor and the 27 year old beauty began secretly dating in 2009.  The Hop star did not waste any time putting a ring on the pop icon’s finger for he proposed to her while on vacation inIndia after only four months of dating.

            When Katy Perry and Russell Brand married, the ceremony included two elephants for both of them to ride on and other over-the-top entertainment at a luxury resort inNorthern India. They did not sell their wedding photos saying they wanted to keep the ceremony as private and special as possible.  When Brand and Perry surfaced as a married couple, they acted like a couple of school kids who just discovered love.  In early December of 2011, the comedian told Ellen DeGeneres, “I am married to Katy perpetually.  Until death do us part was the pledge.  I am still alive,” when asked if he was having spousal problems.

            Since the divorce papers only held “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split with no other information, fans and critics have made their own theories on why the two did not work out.  One theory that has been spread throughout the Entertainment industry is that Katy Perry’s new partying ways has made Brand uncomfortable, who is a former alcoholic and drug addict.  Another theory, which TMZ set up, is that Katy Perry asked her husband to file the divorce because she did not want to disappoint her Christian Evangelical parents who raised her to know that divorce was wrong.   New details of Perry and Brand’s marriage have appeared in countless magazines and internet sites that say the couple did not sign a pre-nup.  This means that Russell Brand is to get $20 million dollars that comes out of Perry’s $55 million dollar net worth.

            Even though the split is difficult for both spouses, they are trying to refrain from more drama by staying friends.  Brand made this clear in a statement that was given by him personally on Friday after the divorce was finalized saying, “I’ll always adore her [Perry] and I know we’ll remain friends.”  The divorced couple are now beginning the healing stage of their split by spending time with family and friends.  This is especially a true with Katy Perry, who has found refuge with her best friend, Rihanna.  Fans of both Brand and Perry are hoping for reconciliation of the darling Teenage Dream singer and the outrageous comedian.  This seems like an unlikely chance because the two are not worrying about their love life, but more on their careers.


The Adventures of Tintin [SPOILER ALERT]

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By: Danzig Decsy

            Every once and a while, the perfect family film is released to the public; one that’s fun for the kids, but holds enough integrity to impress the grown-ups. The Adventures of Tintin truly holds these attributes to its chest, and then some.

            Firstly, Tintin is a character with a ton of history, dating back to 1929, so here’s a little bit of background. Tintin was the brainchild of Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who often went under the alias of Herge when writing. His comics followed the wild adventures of Tintin, portrayed as a young journalist, who solves elaborate mysteries and fights away criminals and evil doers. However, Tintin is never alone in his endeavors. If being a parentless kid with a multitude of incredible skills wasn’t enough, he manages to make a few friends throughout his career, including the clumsy policemen, Thompson and Thomson, and his faithful German shepherd, Snowy.

Drawing the attention of adventurers of all ages, Tintin is a must-see. Photo courtesy of Google images

            The film portrays its cleverness from the very beginning. Tintin sits in the middle of a street market as an artist, unmistakably a cameo of Herge, draws his portrait. As the journalist ventures further into the market, he comes across a spectacular model ship, The Unicorn. He purchases it and is almost immediately warned by a mysterious man that he needs to dispose of it as quickly as possible. The unconvinced hero dismisses the warning, however, and keeps the ship and all its wonder. He soon finds himself in a rut with the almost devil-like Sakharine, who’s only interest is a certain scroll found inside the mast of the model ship. Sakharine resorts to murder and betrayal in an attempt to obtain the scroll, and imprisons Tintin on a boat where he soon meets the drunken Captain Haddock, also being held captive. Tintin, Haddock and Snowy escape the ship and begin a sort of cat and mouse chase to Sakharine’s destination ofMorocco. Eventually, Tintin, with the help of the alcohol-induced Haddock, discovers that there are three Unicorn models that Sakharine is after, all of which hold scrolls serving as puzzle pieces leading to the old Haddock family treasure.

            Through many action-packed scenarios, dramatic realizations and clever escape routes, Tintin, Haddock and Snowy eventually persevere. Sakharine is led to his fate behind bars, and the heroes locate and find the grand prize.

            The Adventures of Tintin is one of Steven Spielberg’s best works. Spielberg manages to maintain the feel of the original Tintin comic, while adding certain attributes that make the film his own. The visuals are so beautiful and realistic, that it’s easy to forget that this is an animated production. The 3D presentation, although seemingly unnecessary, isn’t too overplayed. As for the story, Tintin is enticing from beginning to end. Throughout the entire film you’ll either be laughing your head off, sitting at the edge of your seat with anticipation or trying to solve the mystery along with the charismatic journalist. Without a doubt, The Adventures of Tintin is a must see for individuals of any age looking for some adventure.

Spiderman shows what he is made of

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By: Kristyn Blackwood

Starting out as a hazardous musical production has now turned into the highest grossing show on Broadway in history. Photo courtesy of Google images

One of the newest Broadway phenomena is the musical Spiderman that was just released this year. The musical called Turn off the Dark has been considered to have the highest single-week gross in Broadway history. Wicked has been the highest grossing musical in history before this, earning $2,712, 534 just last week, while Spiderman prevailed, taking in $2,941,790. One of the lead producers of Spiderman, Michael Cohl, said, “We knew the possibility. I don’t think that I really thought we’d ever get there, but we did and we’re ecstatic that we did.”

            Along with this musical being the highest grossing in history, it was the costliest to produce at $75 million. The reason for this is the amount of injured actors and stunt men after soaring from the ceilings over the audience. Due to this, many of the professional critics inferred that the musical would suffer a quick end, wasting it’s production money and putting more out of work. Another producer rebutted this statement by saying, “The time to crow is when we have sustained longevity and we’ve returned the money to our investors.”

            The musical has grossed more than $1.2 million each week it has played. This is more than the producers expected. Before the premiere, producers claimed that if the show did not reach at least $1.2 million, they would have to either franchise the show or put it on tour, but since this has not been the case for Spiderman’s Turn off the Dark, it will continue to be shown in New York and the pressures of franchising it will not be pressing for now.  To help explain why this Broadway musical has taken off so amazingly, producers Harris and Cohl said, “We came into a very difficult situation. We’ve changed the team. We’ve added players when we needed to. We’ve moved some players around to different positions. And the success we’ve had here is the culmination of all those people working hard to get done what we’ve gotten done.”

            So here’s a Broadway musical idea that had a rough start and very little supporters to begin with, and it has become one of the best-selling go-to events inNew York Cityin all of Broadway’s history. All the cast and crew of this phenomenon wake up every morning just wondering what next week will bring and how much longer this success is going to last, but all they can do now is just enjoy it and be thankful for the achievement.

The Entertainer of Year goes to…

In Entertainment on December 16, 2011 at 8:19 pm

By: Mariah Wilson

        Move over Taylor Swift, there is a new Entertainer of the Year!  Daniel Radcliffe, who was catapulted into stardom by the franchise Harry Potter, has been given the title of 2011 “Entertainer of the Year” by Entertainment Weekly.  Even when he was going through a dark time with alcohol, which he admitted to having this year, Radcliffe has shown true talent and has been professional throughout his career.  The Harry Potter films have brought in 7.7 billion dollars, making it the highest grossing film series of all time.  Radcliffe also earned the title of richest British actor under 30, receiving $46.6 million dollars in 2009-10 and making his net worth up to $78.5 million.

            Daniel Radcliffe’s career started off in the BBC’s television movie, David Copperfield, followed by his film debut in 2001 starring in The Tailor of Panama.  That same year, when he was only 11 years old, Radcliffe got the lead role in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  The first installment of the franchise did not disappoint fans, gaining $974 million dollars in the U.S.  Since 2001, the Harry Potter series has continued to gain momentum and has made Daniel Radcliffe has house-hold name around the world.  He also earned a National Movie Award for “Best Male Performances” for his portrayal of the ‘boy wizard’ in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

            In 2007, Radcliffe branched out of his boy wizard persona when he made his Broadway debut in Equus.  He said that he wanted to show his fans that he isn’t just Harry Potter and that he could play riskier characters. Radcliffe definitely showed a riskier side when he shedded his clothes for his role in Equus and took the stage naked.  This might have been a contributing factor for the show earning $1.7 million dollars and getting positive reviews from critics.  The young actor took center stage again when he took the part of J. Pierrepont Finch in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

            In the summer of 2011, the Harry Potter franchise came to an end with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2.  The film earned a whopping $1.3 billion dollars worldwide, making it the third-highest grossing film in the world.  Radcliffe admitted that some his fans might never separate him from his ‘boy wizard’ character, but also said he is “proud to be associated with this film series forever.”  When J.K. Rowling, author of the best-selling series, hinted on a possible eighth book, Radcliffe was asked if he would do another movie with the franchise.  He replied with, “[It is] very doubtful.  I think 10 years is a long time to stay with one character.” 

            Even though he will not be reprising his role in the Harry Potter films, Radcliffe is not done acting.  The Women in Black is his first lead role film since the final Harry Potter movie and highly anticipated by his many fans.  To true ‘potter-heads’ he will forever be known as the boy who defeated the dark lord, but hopefully will be remembered for many roles as he grows as an actor and a person.  Daniel Radcliffe has grown up to become a very handsome and successful actor and we hope to see him in more films.

Angelina Jolie accused of plagiarism

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By: Jordan Smith

          Angelina has made her mark in Hollywood as an action-packed wonder woman who loves directing footage that is self written. But according to author James Braddock this is not the case. In 2007 Braddock wrote a book on the Bosnian War entitled The Soul Shattering, which was only published in Croatian. In 2011 Angelina Jolie wrote and produced a movie on the Bosnian War completely unaware of Braddock’s previous book.

Actress, Angelina Jolie, poses as photographers take photos. Photo courtesy of Google images

Within weeks of the release date of In the Land of Blood and Honey, Braddock filed a lawsuit against Angelina Jolie and other co-producers involved with the film. On Tuesday December 6 Angelina responded by stating that she had never read his book. Braddock went to a court inIllinoisexplaining that he had previously met with Angelina’s producer, Eden Sarkic, not once, not twice, but three times.¬¬

            Apparently Braddock, after publishing his book, paid a visit toSarajevoto promote his work. Then he said that he recalls Sarkic telling him that he would love to sit down and talk about his book he just read. And from there basically got all the information needed to make the film. They kept in touch for two years and so on.

            Then that is when Braddock heard of Jolie’s movie. As he put the two together he found crazy similarities. This is not the first time the movie stirred up trouble. But she later stated that she had read other books and got her inspiration from them.

            She later faced a Balkan women’s group over the films ethnic romantic scenes. She was afraid that the grant to film inBosnia. But thankfully the grant was passed, they were able to film.

            Jolie later said this, “I felt sympathy for people for whom these issues are so sensitive.”  “But when you’re coming at something because you care so much about an area, especially women in that area, as I was, and you know the themes of the film are violence against women, then to be accused of the opposite hurts. You feel a little sickened by it.” The movie has been postponed for now but soon will be shown in theaters.

The battle of Da Vinci

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By: Danzig Decsy

             An epic dispute amongst art historians is heating up in Florence, Italy. Art expert and researcher Maurizio Seracini from the University of California believes that he has discovered the hiding place of Leonardo Da Vinci’s unfinished work, The Battle of Anghiari, beneath the already present piece of art by Giorgio Vasari known as The Battle of Marciano. But not everyone is convinced.

             This apparent “discovery” was supposed to signal the end of a 35-year-long hunt for this piece. Seracini supposedly unveiled the lost Da Vinci battle scene painting by inserting small cameras into holes drilled into the visible layer of wall, finding a two-centimeter gap with traces of pigment inside. This led Seracini to believe that Vasari, in an attempt to preserve it, placed The Battle of Anghiari behind a wall and painted over it with his own fresco – his finest work. Now, more and more holes are being drilled into the wall to further identify what lies behind it.       

A copy of Da Vinci's unfinished fresco, The Battle of Anghiari. Photo courtesy of Google images

             However, no act concerning Da Vinci goes unnoticed, and no protagonist exists without an antagonist. Because of the holes being drilled, art researchers, historians and scholars alike are worried that Vasari’s work is being damaged for an uncertain and possibly invalid reason. Many are skeptical that the piece, which was abandoned by Da Vinci in 1504, at the expense of a failed oil painting technique, actually resides under the brick. Others believe that if The Battle of Anghiari is, in fact, hidden behind the wall, it will probably be in less than desirable condition.

                This skepticism has caused 150 angry and concerned art historians from museums across the globe to act. Together, they have signed a petition to stop the drilling in order to protect Vasari’s work. Although the mayor ofFlorenceclaims that the holes will be restored in time, the art historians stated in their petition that the find it “highly unlikely that Vasari has sealed something still legible under a wall.”

The Sitter

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By: Lauren Anderson

This is not the kind of babysitter you need Photo courtesy of Google images

          The movie The Sitter opened on Friday, December 5th. Jonah Hill is the main character of this movie, you may remember him from the movie Super Bad. In this movie Jonah Hill plays Noah who becomes a babysitter. Sam Rockwell also stars in this movie; she is a rising actress and she plays Noah’s “girlfriend”. The character, Noah, is a 20 year old mess-up who is on probation for a DUI and is still living with his mother.

          Noah’s mother is set up on a blind date by one of her longtime friends. And as she is on her way out the door, she gets a call. The caller says that their babysitter has canceled on them. Noah’s mother begs Noah to baby-sit her friend’s three kids for this one night so she can go out and have a little fun. The first time she asks him, he says no, but he thinks about her and how she hasn’t gotten out and met anyone new and he says yes and goes to baby sit. When Noah gets to the house, he is immediately introduced to the three kids Slater, Blithe, and Rodrigo. Slater is a young pre-teen with many issues. Blithe is a young little girl that wishes she was a celebrity. The last child, Rodrigo is the newly adopted child who has a tendency to run away. Noah is fooled by their sweet attitudes while their parents are at home.

          Soon after the kid’s parents leave, Noah gets too comfortable and thinks the kids are going to listen to his every word.  Shortly he finds out that it is not going to be easy. After fighting with the kids for a little bit, he gets a call from his “girlfriend,” asking him to bring her cocaine. He hesitates for a moment, then puts the kids in the car and  goes off to get her cocaine. The trip starts off easy but when Noah stops at the place to get the drugs, Rodrigo takes off and runs away. Noah then has to use the tracking device the parents gave him to find Rodrigo. It doesn’t take Noah long to find him. Little did he know after he found Rodrigo he realizes he stole $10k worth of cocaine from the drug dealer and he is followed though out the rest of the movie and his life is threatened many times.

          Overall this is a very good movie, and is filled with humor, but it is not a movie to go see with your family. This movie has vulgar language and sexual references. Only mature audiences should see this movie and don’t bring your kids. If you need a good laugh, go and see this. I give it a nine out of ten.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame

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By: Caleb Hinkley

The Hall of Fame where the 2012 inductees will be featured. Photo courtesy of Google images

Multiple artists have been added into the famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as the 2012 inductees were announced on Wednesday. Among them though are three bands that stood out: Guns N’ Roses, the Beastie Boys, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Guns N’ Roses, a band that some may consider finished because the band isn’t together, obviously made an impression. They began with their first official album, “Appetite for Destruction,” that debuted in 1987. They are best known for their hits like, “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” “Welcome to The Jungle,” “Paradise City” and “November Rain.” The aggressive rock grooves gave it a different tune then the hits coming from Michael Jackson and Madonna.

They sold many albums, and in addition had and still have many fans. But the group’s clamors lead to its destruction. The group still tours today, but seem to be at a loss without its original lead singer Axl Rose. Hopefully the whole band will reunite for the ceremony.

The Beastie Boys are a Hip-hop trio that has had influence on the mixing of other genres. The group was originally just a hardcore punk group from New York. The group was just playing in underground clubs in New York, but as the group emerged its mixing of different soundscapes increased its popularity which even led to the creation of an instrumental album. The band having the ability to bust a rhyme and then giving a killer punk rock performance, may have led them to this great honor of being added into the Hall of Fame.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are another influential band that made the cut. Like every band, they have had their problems, but despite the turmoil, they have released their 10th    album “I’m With You,” this year. The band doesn’t have all of its original members, but right now it is fronted by Anthony Kiedis, Josh Klinghoffer as their lead guitarist, Flea playing bass, and Chad Smith on the drums.

Three influential bands that have all had top hits now join the greats such as Van Halen and the Rolling Stones. These are just a few that will officially join the Hall Of Fame in 2012, but they definitely are unique from the others, and it is agreed that all who made it have influenced music in one way or another.

2011 Grammy Nominations

In Entertainment on December 16, 2011 at 7:50 pm

By: Sasha Jimenez

Kanye West leads this year's Grammy's with seven nominations, while Adele and Bruno Mars trail behind with six nominations. Photo courtesy of Google images

                For music artists everywhere, this is the most important award show of the year, the Grammy’s. To be nominated for a Grammy is not only a prestigious honor, but also indicates that you have true talent and that all of your hard work has paid off. The 2011 Grammy Award nominations were announced on November 30.

            For the second year in a row, a hip-hop artist leads the way in awards. Kanye West was nominated seven times. He will be up for Song of the Year with “All of the Lights” going against “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons, “Grenade” by Bruno Mars, “Holocene” by Bon Iver and “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. Best Rap Album is also a title West was nominated for with two of his albums, My Dark Twisted Fantasy and the collaborated album with Jay-Z, Watch the Throne.

            Bruno Mars and Adele are runners up with six nominations. The two artists are competing under much of the same categories, such as Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year. Other nominees for Album of the Year are the Foo Fighters – Wasting Light, Lady Gaga – Born the Way, and Rihanna – Loud. Other nominees for Record of the Year are Bon Iver – “Holocene”, Mumford & Sons – “The Cave”, and Katy Perry – “Firework”.

            Also, for uprising artist, the title of Best New Artist is extremely coveted. Nominees under this category are The Band Perry, Bon Iver, J. Cole, Nicki Minaj and Skrillex. There are plenty of other categories and nominees for the award show such as: Best Dance Recording, Best Traditional R&B Performance, Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Blues Album, Best Folk Album, etc. The 54th annual Grammy Awards Show will be broadcasted from theStaplesCenter inLos Angeles on Sunday, February 12, 2012 and will air on CBS. The show itself should consist of performances from numerous nominees and most likely a red-carpet pre-show. To support and root for your favorite artists, be sure to tune in!

Madonna to perform at Super Bowl

In Entertainment on December 16, 2011 at 7:47 pm

By: Drew Marshall

            Recently announced by NBC, Madonna will be the next performer at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Indiana. Most people are not surprised at the choice, since typically NBC chooses a big classic musician to perform. The pick was announced during the Saints- Lions game on Sunday. Cirque du Soleil is also set to accompany Madonna in the performance.

Older artists like Madonna have been a Super Bowl favorite for years. Photo courtesy of Google images

With the pick, there comes speculation. It is obviously not a groundbreaking choice, as it is not unusual for the headliner to be a classic musician. Madonna will also gain more musical success to a modern audience, as she will perform in front of most of the American people. Even though the picks are usually classic groups, last year’s choice of the Black Eyed Peas was unusual for NBC. Even with that small change in normality, recent groups have been The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Prince. It is almost more surprising that Madonna has never performed at the Super Bowl prior to the decision.

            The choice may also have an effect on the public. Though the acts are usually older groups, some critics believe that Madonna would have been a better Super Bowl pick if it were the 90’s. Modernly however, some people who are watching the Super Bowl may not know who Madonna is. There is also word spreading that the number of groups willing to play at the Super Bowl is diminishing. The Super Bowl is a very big commitment for a music group, and it seems like it is becoming difficult to find groups that want to do it, and have also never performed before.

            The halftime show at the Super Bowl is always going to bring in a large audience. Millions of people watch the game each year, and it’s a big marketing ploy to have a big time musical performer. The harsh constricts that are placed by NBC on the performers makes the list of possible groups very small. If NBC were to expand their horizons to more modern musicians, it could turn into a much more appealing performance. Many older groups may not have their entire band together, as The Who did not, and it would make more sense for a band of modern taste to perform. Madonna’s selection is just one of many musicians to be chosen outside the modern taste, and if NBC doesn’t change their selection process, they could run out of groups to perform.