Teachers of the Month

By: Austin Hazen

Mr. Morgan teaching his World Geography class. Photo courtesy of Austin Hazen

Everyone has their favorite teachers, including the students at Fort Mill High School. For the month of August, two of our very own teachers were chosen as Teachers of the Month. They were Mr. Morgan and Mr. Gibson. Brandon Morgan has been teaching for nine years. He originally lived in Walhalla, SC. He currently teaches Geography in the C-hall. He is married to Dr. Jenn Morgan and has no kids at the moment. Morgan got his undergraduate degree at Clemson University and later graduated from Lesley University.

 This is Morgan’s first time being the Teacher of the Month. “I feel quite honored to be teacher of the month,” Mr. Morgan stated. His favorite thing about teaching is interacting with the students; “each student has something different to bring to the class,” Morgan stated. He knows how it feels to struggle in school because of the way he struggled when he was young. He is able to work with kids and understand them because he has lived through it himself. He feels that teaching and seeing his kids’ progress throughout the year is very rewarding.

Fort Mill High School’s other Teacher of the Month is John Gibson, who is an English teacher. Gibson graduated from the University of Georgia and has been teaching since 1998. He is originally from Raleigh, NC. He has a wife named Ashley Gibson and two twin daughters of three named Virginia and Mary Hope. Gibson loves teaching, but his favorite thing about it is that no two days or weeks are alike when it comes to teaching his kids. There is always something interesting and cool about his day.

             Gibson wanted to teach at Fort Mill High simply because it is a great school and in his opinion, “the best.” Many people have affected him and have been an inspiration to him in becoming a teacher, These people include: substitutes and teachers that he has had in the past himself as a student. Many teachers have been Teacher of the Month, and now two more have been added. “I think it is a great honor, humbling in all honesty,” Gibson stated. If you see either teacher, be sure to congratulate them on their wonderful job done here at Fort Mill High School.

  1. Creo que la señora Sides deben conseguir maestro del mes. Ella es una maestra increíble! La amo, y el artículo fantástico.

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