Teachers of the Month

By:Austin Hazen

Helping a student with her classwork, Ms. Ledford proves what it means to be Teacher of the Month. Photo courtesy of Austin Hazen

It’s that time again when Fort Mill High School students pick two teachers for Teacher of the Month. This month, the student body chose to recognize Jason Ford and Anne Ledford. We are very honored to have them at Fort Mill High and thank them for coming and teaching us each and everyday.

            Mr. Ford was born, raised and has lived his whole life in Fort Mill, South Carolina.  He was once a student here at Fort Mill High and has been teaching here since 1995. This is his 16th year here at FMHS and still enjoys every minute of it. He currently teaches AP English, English II Honors and Film and Fiction. He is very proud of how far the band students have come. In high school, he was one of the drum majors and seems to have continued his passion for band as one of the directors.

 His favorite thing about teaching is seeing how far the students come in 90 days or for band students, in a whole year.  When asked about his favorite thing about teacher he stated, “He likes seeing how far his students come from when he gets them through the time they leave.”

            The other teacher selected this month is Ms. Ledford, who was born in Mayo, South Carolina. She has one daughter, who she adopted from Guatemala. Her daughter’s name is Amanda. She is nine years old and is in the 4th grade. Fort Mill is the first place that Ms. Ledford decided to teach. She teaches Pre calculus, geometry, and teacher cadet. This is her 31st year teaching at Fort Mill High School.  She feels that it was an honor to have been chosen as Teacher of the Month and loves her job. “Working with the kids is my favorite thing about teaching,” Ms. Ledford stated.

                Both of these teachers have worked very hard everyday to make sure we as students have an incredible learning environment. We all need to make sure to let these teachers know how much we appreciate them for helping us through our years up until graduation.

  1. ella es mi profesor favorito nunca me encanta su

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