Student Council

By: Logan O’Boyle

We all know what a great job our Student Council does with designing fun and exciting activities for the whole student body, but do we know who is behind all the hard work? Our Student Council consists of 30 very dedicated Fort Mill students from all four grades. With the help of Mr. and Mrs. Scroggs, these students work very hard to maintain the high standards of Fort Mill High School.

As if working on school projects and activities isn’t enough pressure on the members, they all must also have rules they have to meet before being a part of the club. All students must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA, they cannot be expelled or get out of school suspension, they cannot miss more than three meetings in one year, and must be elected for an office or go through an interview process to become an at large member.

Student Council is divided into three categories: student body officers, class officers, and at-large members. Student body officers are President Abbie Lewis, Vice President Tripp Mckemey, Recording Secretary Sara Weddington, Publicity Secretary Emily Polito, and Treasurer Darby Thompson. The next category are the class officers.

For the senior class they are Adam Killmeyer, President, and Ashton Wolf, Vice President. Junior class officers are John Schmugge, President, and Riley Hoverman, Vice President. The sophomore class President is Shiva Mohan and Vice President is Harrison Lancaster. The freshman class officers were announced after school, Friday.

Student Council decided to change things up a little this year. In past years, there were four class officers for each grade; this year there are only two. Another difference is the third category which is the at large members; there are 17 of these members. Each student must be interviewed by a teacher, an officer, an administrator, and a school counselor. The at-large members replace the treasurer and secretary for the classes as well as the volunteers. “There was too much interest to keep all the kids involved. At one point last year we had up to 50 volunteers,” Mr. Scroggs stated.

The Student Council is a club that never stops working. They run the Fall/Spring flings, Spirit week, two blood drives a year, Christmas angels, Miss Fort Mill High, and many more events. “The members of Student Council get along very well,” Mr. Scroggs stated. “Over the summer we all meet up and have a team bonding day. Kids from different grades come together and form friendships that would never be started without Student Council.” Each and every member of Student Council puts in so much time and effort. So next time you’re dressing up for spirit week or being crowned Miss Fort Mill High, take a minute and thank your Student Council members for making the moment possible.


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