Smile, ladies

By:  Molly Lotierzo

     Every year, Fort Mill High holds a beauty pageant for the girls in all four grades. The Miss Fort Mill High Pageant has been a tradition in our school fro many years. The pageant is sponsored by student council and is held as a fundraiser for their club. The beauty will be held on Thursday, January 20 at 7:00 P.M. in the auditorium. This is an opportunity for the girls at our school to be on stage and show their inner and outer beauties. The ladies get to dance, model their casual wear and show off their elegant side in their formal gowns.

            The pageant is a great way to raise money for both spring and fall fling activities. The student council has been preparing for this event since the beginning of August. It’s a long process to put together this event. Mr. and Mrs. Scroggs are in charge of helping organize for the pageant and get the girls prepared. One of the hardest decisions to make is agreeing on a theme. The theme that student council has come up with is Girls just Wanna Have Fun!

            The ladies who want to participate in this event need to sign up and turn their forms into Mr. Sroggs. On December 7, each class will vote on 8 girls in their grade to participate in the pageant. The voting will take place during homeroom. Not everyone gets a chance to be involved but it is always exciting to see who makes it in. So ladies that are interested in being a part of the pageant should give it a try! If you aren’t going to be one of the 24 contestants up on stage then still make sure to come out on January 20 and watch our girls have fun!

  1. Chicas buena suerte.

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