Rally in the Valley

By:Austin Hazen

Fort Mill girls enjoying last year's Rally in the Valley. Photo courtesy of Ms. Cranford

                  How many of you students want to be a part something? There are many opportunities at Fort Mill High School to get involved. The most recent one though is Rally in the Valley, which take place tomorrow at 9 a.m. Students will be taking a bus, driven by one of the teachers from Nation Ford High School. Students will be heading back to Fort Mill High School at 9 p.m.

            Rally in the Valley is to be held at Clemson University. While there, students can enjoy some awesome worship, athletes’ testimonies and a Clemson football game. The Clemson Tigers will be playing against North Texas State, kickoff is at 3;30 pm.

            Mrs. Cranford has been sponsoring this field trip for three years. This year she hoped to see more freshmen sign up and join in on this incredible opportunity. This is because freshmen are new to the high school, and the Rally in the Valley is one of the best chances to get involved with fellow peers. If you are not involved in anything or you‘re scared you won’t fit in, this is your chance to start getting involved. Opportunities like these help to bring you closer to your friends, while making new ones.  If you didn’t sign up this time, make sure to check out FCA at Club Rush, where you can feel free to sign up and be a part of the club’s other activities. This year, Club Rush is not just for freshmen; it is for all students, so be sure to check it out.

            Lacey Pannell, who is a sophomore and will be attending the event for the first time this year, said that she is “very excited because one of [her] friends is a Rally Cat and [she] gets to see her perform at the first football game.”  Hopefully everyone agrees with Pannell when she says that this “will be a good experience.”


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