Powder Puff 2010

By: Austin Hazen

Tension builds as Fort Mill freshmen and sophomores compete for the win. Photo courtesy by Austin Hazen

There are plenty of cool events that go on at Fort Mill High School, but the Powder Puff game is one of the school’s most popular events each year. It is an event where the Fort Mill girls compete against each other in a flag football game. In this game, the freshmen compete against the sophomores, and juniors face off against the seniors.

            October 4 at 6:00 p.m. is when these games took place. It was a very competitive game. The price was $5 for spectators, which was a good deal for such exciting competition. The night started off with Rachel Tripp singing the Star Spangled Banner, giving a remarkable performance.

The first teams to play were the freshmen and the sophomores. Quinn Mckemey was one of the freshmen coaches and Conner Mckemey was a sophomore coach. Unexpectantly, the freshmen came out on top, but the sophomores still played a good game. At the end of this match up, the score was 20 to 8.

            With a little warm up and a coach switch, the seniors were ready to dominate the juniors. The junior coaches were Seth Frase and Jared Piedt.The senior coaches were Tripp Mckemey, Parker Thomas, Levi Benson and Tanner Lanvik-Larsen. While Shelby Bazemore, Jenna White and Darby Thompson made the touchdowns, the other seniors were cheering their teammates on all the way. During the entire game, it was back and forth with touchdowns. But as we all know, only one team was victorious. After a great and suspenseful game, it was close, but the seniors came out on top just like they planned on. The score was 18 to 14, but a very good and close game at that.

So, to top it all off, this night was unbelievable. If you missed it, you definitely missed some incredible games. Once more, we need to congratulate the winners and tell them how much we appreciate them for trying their hardest.


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