Musicians club

By: Lauren Kirby

Leader Jordan Thompson is eager to see what great things may come out of this club. Phot courtesy of Lauren Kirby

Can you hear the music? If so, join the Musicians Club. This is one of the many new clubs at Fort Mill High School this year. The club will be more like a meeting group for all the musicians in the school who may me interested in joining. The first meeting will be on Thursday, the 26th of September, in Mr. Gibson’s room B217.

            The club is lead by Luke Jeffrey, Hayden Davenport, Jordan Thompson and Eric Betts. If you have questions about joining or even what the club may be about, please contact one of them. So far there are about 20 consistent members in the club, and they are still looking for more students to join. So far they have been working as a group on three different songs during practice. To join the club, you are required to audition before the leaders of the group. The audition isn’t anything too serious; just a simple performance to show what you can do. The leaders are trying to have at least two times a week. The meetings will be in  either Mr. Gibson’s class room or Mrs. Coccia When asked what made him decide and start the club at Fort Mill, Senior, Jordan Thompson said,” We have such a great fine arts program at our school.”

            The group isn’t going to be a place for people to learn about music or to play but more for the musicians to improve their skills. If you play instruments or enjoy singing, then you should check out this club. The students will practice as a group for a year and at the end, they will hold a concert for the public. All of the proceeds from the event will go to charity; which charity it will go to has yet been decided. If you’re interested in any type of instrument or singing make sure to check out the club. Thompson has high hopes for the club and stated, “I want to see a bond that wouldn’t be there with out the club.”


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