Homework Helpers

By: Logan O’Boyle

Homework seems so easy while sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher discuss the topic over and over. However, it’s not until we get home at night and open our binders and textbooks that we realize we didn’t actually understand the assignment. Sometimes we can even be sitting in the classroom listening to our teachers go over the same thing hundreds of times and still not understand what they are talking about. Fortunately, the faculty and staff at our very own Fort Mill High School have come up with many ways to solve this problem for so many students.

Homework Helpers is a very good way to help students understand their homework assignments. This program takes place in the library every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30. Each day, two teachers are asked to be in the library to provide assistance to anyone who needs it. As well as teachers, there are also Beta club members and AP students who are available to help. Homework Helpers is not just for people who need help on their homework; it is also for people who just want a quiet place to work after school.

Homework Helpers will not start back up until after Labor Day because Betas do not start meeting until September. Mrs. Wise would like to remind everyone that Homework Helpers is available to everyone who would like to come. “The students that came to all of the meetings last year said that their grades improved a lot when they started getting help,” Mrs. Wise stated.

Homework Helpers is indeed a good help to students, however, it is not the only form of extra help that teachers offer. Every teacher in Fort Mill High School has extra help hours posted outside of his/her door. The hours are normally in the mornings before the first 8:30 bell, after school, or sometimes even during their lunch period. Many teachers are willing to help any student who needs it.

So whether or not you need help with your homework, or just want to help someone with theirs, they will be waiting for you in the library every Tuesday and Thursday. This is a great opportunity, and something you won’t to miss.

Hard at work, these students are taking advantage of Fort Mill High Schools Homework Helpers. Photo courtesy of Logan O'Boyle

  1. Logan Buen trabajo!

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