Help an Angel

By Julia Applegate

Leaving Thanksgiving behind and looking forward to Christmas can only mean one thing at Fort Mill High School: Christmas Angels

                The Christmas Angel program has been going on at Fort Mill High School for about 20 years, and the program has been successful in helping families all over Fort Mill. Mr. Gales Scroggs, the head of Fort Mill Student Council, said it is Student Council’s biggest philanthropic event and brings in an average of $6,000 in donations per year. Last year’s donations were so significant that the school was able to add more kids to the Christmas Angel list.

Every second block classroom at Fort Mill High School will get assigned a “Christmas Angel.” The sheet with the Christmas Angel number on it also contains details about that particular person. It states the gender, age, their interests and the items that they would like to receive for Christmas. The students in that second block classroom can then decide if they would like to bring in monetary donations or buy gifts for their angel. Student Council members will then come by to every second block classroom to collect the donations and gifts and tally the total amount of money the classrooms bring in. Remember to bring in a receipt with the purchased gift so your class can get credit! This is important because this program is also a school wide competition and the classrooms are competing for prizes. The first place prize is a pizza party and will go to the classroom that raises the most money, the second place prize is an ice cream party and the third place prize is a cookie party.

After all the donations and gifts are collected the members of student council take the money and go out to buy the Christmas Angels their requested presents, this year that will take place on December 9. After all of the presents have been bought, it’s time for the Student

Council to wrap them. On Monday, December 12 after school, the Student Council will gather around and wrap all of the gifts for the families in need.

“The best part of this is wrapping, we have a pizza party and it’s a great time for the Student Council to bond,” Scroggs said.

Once all of the gifts have been wrapped, the presents will be taken to the parents of the Christmas Angels.

“My favorite part is knowing that all of the hard work will pay off when we see the smiles on the families’ faces,” Sophomore president Chelsea Helms said.

Regardless of all of the parties, the real prize is knowing that your donation will give presents to a child who wouldn’t have one otherwise. Making these children smile on Christmas morning is the best reward of all. So be sure to make a small donation or buy a small gift today, because anything would mean the world to a child who has nothing.


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