By:Austin Hazen

This is the turkey fundraiser for FCCLA. Photo courtesy of Austin Hazen

There are many clubs that Fort Mill High School has to offer. There is one club in particular that has many events coming up and needs people to join and help out. This club is called FCCLA (Family Consumer Career Leaders of America). Its sponsor is Mrs. Pam McIntyre. Being in this club lets you do service projects and raise money so people in this club can go to Nationals.

Just this past week, the club had a can food drive fundraiser. Members set up paper turkeys at both lunches; for every dollar given to the cause, a feather was put on a turkey. The cool thing was that there were five teachers’ names on five different turkeys: Mrs. Credit, Mr. Scroggs, Mr. Christopher, Mrs. Hovde and Mr. Gribble. The teacher that gets the most feathers will have to eat a rotisserie chicken with no utensils.

This club is really involved with the school, having a different fundraiser each month. Next month the club will have one for the Children’s Attention Home, which is a place for abused children to be sheltered when their home is no longer safe for them. Make sure to come and get information on it.

There is supposed to be a talent show later in the year as well as the yearly Pennies for Pasta, where the money goes to support Leukemia. Emily Hamilton, the treasurer of FCCLA, stated, “My favorite thing about being in this club is being able to compete with other Early Childhood Education students and do service project that help other kids.” Make sure you grab a club sheet in the front office and sign up to be in FCCLA. This is the opportunity you could have been looking for, so don’t pass the chance to join in on the fun and help the club make it to Nationals.


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