Double the Trouble

By:Kristyn Blackwood

"The question and insecurities of sex will not matter if you truly love someone." Photo courtesy of Austin Hazen

What is with the double standards put on girls and guys these days? How are girls supposed to get the respect they deserve when they are expected to achieve this goal of values by society? In high school guys are praised and commended by the student body for getting around with as many girls as they can. If a guy has not had sex yet, then other guys encourage him to hop on the bandwagon or tease him if he doesn’t. If a girl has had sex with one or more guys, she is considered a slut or “damaged goods,” to other guys and almost every other girl.

            Most girls want to save themselves, as in their virginity, but guys are so judgmental and pushy. At the beginning of a relationship, guys play the good boy game. They say how important and amazing you are and how they would never pressure you into sex, so you fall for them. Things get serious, and they drop the big bomb! “If you love me, then you will have sex with me.” Girls know it’s going to come sooner or later.

            What happens next, you ask? Most girls fall into the trap: give themselves away, get their hearts broken and are left alone to pick up the pieces. These are the girls who end up loosing respect for themselves and begin to fool around with almost any guy who will give them the attention they are looking for in all the wrong places. These are the girls who have been hurt so many times that they become numb on the inside and don’t know how to find that one true love that they so desperately need in life. Girls that fall into this trap of deception need comfort and advice more than anything, and getting it from someone who knows how to resist this temptation of sex for affection from a boy is exactly what should happen. The strong girls are the ones who realize that if their boyfriend truly loved them, the question of sex would not have been asked. So they end up leaving the boy with their pride and virginity and move on to bigger and better things that are worth their thoughts.

            Not all relationships are like this, but most are. So ladies: guard your hearts and your pride because no boy is worth your tears, especially if they feed you that line, “If you love me, then you will have sex with me.” Guys: stop being cold-hearted jerks and let yourself fall for that perfect girl. The question and insecurities of sex will not matter if you truly love someone.


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