Cheerleaders hit the runway

By: Lauren Kirby

Senior, Madisyn Kellough, smiled for the camera at Fort Mill's fashion show. Photo courtesy of Page 6 Boutique

With all of the budget cuts for many schools in South Carolina, including the Fort Mill School District, many clubs and athletic teams have had to become independent when it comes to raising money. With the cheerleaders from both Fort Mill and Nation Ford High School doing so well this season, they are in need of extra money. Over the past months, they have been working hard on their competition routines and having fundraisers to pay for their needs.

            On November 14, the Fort Mill Varsity cheer team held a fashion show at Six Pence Pub located in Baxter Village. The squad dressed in clothes, shoes and accessories all donated by Page 6 boutique, also located in Baxter. There were two different shows put on by the team; one at 5:30 and the second one at 7:00 p.m. This was important to get a lot of people to come out and support the girls because not only did they work hard to get this far in the season, but the fundraiser was yet another competition with the Nation Ford Varsity cheerleaders.

            The weekend before Fort Mill performed its show, Nation Ford got a chance to walk down the runway as well. Twenty percent of all the food that was purchased on each of the nights of the shows went to each cheer team. Whichever squad got the most customers into the pub got a grand prize of $250. The money has not yet been totaled, but both teams are waiting anxiously to hear the results.

            The Fort Mill High School cheerleaders are hoping for the extra $250, but have already decided what they will be putting their twenty percent profit towards. Ali Witcher, a former Nation Ford Varisty cheerleader, is in need of a serious medical procedure. The Fort Mill squad has decided to send all of their profits over to Nation Ford to donate to her cause. When asked why she thought it was important to do something like this, Alyssa Dickman, Fort Mill Varsity cheerleader stated, “ It’s important because even though Nation Ford is our rival, they’re our sister school and when someone is in need, it’s important that we help them.”

            Both Fort Mill and Nation Ford varsity cheerleaders have worked hard this season to come up with their own money to support their success this season. Congratulations to these ladies on a great season!


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