All Youth on Board

By: Cassidy Parker

We all know the major clubs that have been at Fort Mill

The new club, All Youth on Board, is dedicated to making Fort Mill a better place. Photo Courtesy of Google Images

High School for a long time like, Beta Club or Key club. But a new club is on the way to Fort Mill. All Youth On Board is a group that was started inYork County to help support healthy lives and environments for teens. AYOB’s mission is to “develop a safe and healthy environment for all York County Youth, and discuss the issues teens face and make change through educational opportunities for kids and parents.”

            All Youth on Board is committed to making the community as better place. It’s members aim to reduce risky and bad behavior such as alcohol, drug abuse, and violence. They promote the value of diversity by including all of the diversity in students that York County has to offer, and use this diversity to spread the values of school success, respect, good health and leadership skills to everyone in the community.   

All Youth on Board meets regularly to discuss their values and how they plan to spread them to the community. Joining the club is a great way to earn service hours for school or other organizations and it teaches leadership that will help you in college and in your future employment. The club is youth-led and is only made up of students, so it is a good opportunity to hang out with other students from Fort Mill that one might not normally get to meet, while having fun at meetings.

            Anyone can join the club as the advertisement says. It repeats one line a few times: “Anyone can be the change they want to see in the community – whether its trying to promote healthy lifestyles and choices…every time someone stands up to help the improve the lot of others they are helping to create a better world.” That line basically says it all about the club and its values. They stand to represent nonviolence and to make Fort Mill and all of York Countya better place. Anyone can help them by joining, or just going to a meeting.Fort Mill has needed desperately to get a club that helps address real problems that teens face everyday and now they will have one.


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