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Michele Bachmann visits Beef-O-Brady’s

In Local News on January 6, 2012 at 7:47 pm

By: Cassidy Parker

Michele Bachmann speaks at Beef-O-Brady's restauraunt in Fort Mill on Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Google Images

Michele Bachmann, who is currently running to be the Republican Party’s candidate for president, will be making a stop right here inFortMill. In fact,FortMillwill be the kickoff of her tour ofSouth Carolina. Bachmann will be making an appearance at the well-known Beef-o-Brady’s restaurant onMarket Streetin Baxter, and it isn’t the first time that the Republican has made an appearance inYorkCounty.

            Tomorrow night at 7:30, Bachmann will be at Beef-O-Brady’s to try to earnFortMill’s votes. Her appearance there is being hosted by the Republican Party of York County. Bachmann is the only women competing for the spot as the Republican presidential candidate. She is competing against Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and a few others to receive this highly coveted position.

            Tomorrow will not be the first time Michele Bachmann has made a stop inYorkCounty. Last summer she actually made three visits toYork. First, in June, a few days after she announced that she would be running for president, she was hosted by 1,000 people at theWinthrop’sDiGiorgioCenterballroom. Her second appearance inYorkCountywas a small private event for local pastors. Her third visit was at the Books-A-Million inManchester, and was a book signing for her book, Core of Conviction. Core of Conviction is actually not doing very well in sales.

            Bachmann’s trail through South Carolina, on which she will attempt to win over the voters of the Republican Party, only starts inFortMill. She is actually going on a three-day tour through thePalmettoState.South Carolina’s voting day on this topic is coming up very soon, so Republican candidates are scrambling to try and gather as many votes as possible for the election. Michele Bachmann is especially trying to do this. According to a poll taken by Real Clear Politics, Bachmann trails three of her competitors in the race to be the Republican presidential candidate, so she needs to try and gather up as many votes as possible for the race.

            Michele Bachmann’s, theMinnesota congresswoman, appearance at Beef-O-Brady’s is open to the public, and it costs absolutely nothing to get in. In a scramble for a lead in South Carolina, Bachmann will try to win over your votes, tomorrow night at 7:30.


To be or not to be

In Editorials on January 6, 2012 at 7:47 pm

By: Erica Beachum

            As girls we are taught, “If guys are mean to you, they’re into you,” but that is not always the case in today’s society. By freshman year in high school, most girls have already had at least one boyfriend, and we all learn from our ex’s what we do not want in our future. That is why they are called an ex which is short for example of what we do not want to be with. The older we get, the more we learn about boys. We learn that some, not all, lie and cheat, but even though we know that, why do we believe that we are “in love” with them?

Two teenagers display an infatuation with one another, otherwise known as "young love" or "puppy love". Photo courtesy of Google images

             As kids turn into teenagers and teenagers turn into young adults, their hormones begin to change. Their minds begin to mature and they develop feelings for others. They sense “signals” being sent from somebody and then become infatuated with them. There are cases where relationships from high school end up working out, but the majority of them do not.

             The allure of danger lurking around from every corner, the spontaneous feeling given off from being rebellious, could those be what draws our attention? Could it be the way they follow their own rules and nobody else’s?  There is no proven statistics on why girls are attracted to bad boys. Yet, when girls end up with the alleged “bad boy”, they end up hurt in the end. Although, no matter what, we would do anything to take them back. We get the feeling that it was us who made the error.

            We find out that guys lie to us. We find out that boys cheat on us. Why do they do it though? As girls, we over analyze things. We think “was it something I did?” or “was he just not happy with me anymore?” Odds are, you did nothing wrong. You did all you could do and he still treated you poorly. Even when he treats you poorly, in your mind you end up becoming infatuated with what went wrong. You go through a mix of emotions. You believe you love him when it is just that you want to be wanted by somebody. Even if you do not find your soulmate in high school, you still have the rest of your life to do so.


In Columns on January 6, 2012 at 7:46 pm

By: Rose Snipes

     Teenagers can always be seen with their cell phones, usually texting. Although teens can become almost obsessed with texting, there is something good that comes out of it. The National Cancer Institute has come up with a new Smokefree T-X-T program.

The 24 hour service is free, and it helps young teenage smokers via text messages to stop the habit of smoking by sending helpful advice and encouraging tips. A lot of teens may have a hard time quitting, may be unaware of the consequences or just feel unmotivated to stop, but with the tips and advice, the institute hopes the smokers will feel more encouraged to quite the harmful habit.

Smokfree T-X-T is a free app. Photo courtesy Bing Images

Erik Augustson, a behavioral scientist in NCI’s Tobacco Control Research Branch says, “With 75 percent of youths between the ages of 12 and 17 owning a cell phone, there is immense potential for mobile technologies to affect health awareness and behavior change among teens.”

The teenagers sign up and choose a reasonable date for quitting, and the messages are sent for up to six weeks until their quitting day. If the texts are not enough, there’s a website where teens can chat and encourage one another to quitting smoking.

An app called QuitSTART will be launched for the smartphone in early 2012 and has an interactive guide for delivering tips, monitoring attempts at quit, and helping by tracking cravings.

Hopefully the text apps will inspire and provoke teens to make the right decision for themselves. Help spread the word, and if you know any family members or loved ones who smoke, tell them about the smokefree T-X-T program or give them the website

Child abuse leads to brain damage

In Health & Lifestyles on January 6, 2012 at 7:46 pm

            By: Persephone Mccollough

              It could be agreed upon that most people would assume physical child abuse leads to brain damage if hit on the head, but according to a study led by Eamon McCrory at University College London, “children exposed to family violence show the same pattern of activity in their brains as soldiers exposed to combat.” Children are affected from the overall experience, not just the physical aspect.  When soldiers return home from an exposure of violence and gore, their brains have adapted to that. Little things often trigger these memories from the events that traumatized them. This is also evident in abused children.

Abused children suffer for the rest of their lives. They suffer mentally and sometimes physically. Photo courtesy of Google images

             In this study, when the abused children were showed photos of angry faces, their brain scans showed their brains detecting threats. The children have adapted to being on guard all the time. These types of emotions are said to lead to depression and other closely-related mental illnesses. Maltreated children are thought to be at risk two times more than an average child. All of this is because of the threatening feeling children get when parts of the brain called the anterior insula and the amygdala respond.

             Imagine how it feels to always anticipate pain and always live in fear. Whenever an abused child adapts to this lifestyle, it is hard for them to mold into society. As a kid going through abuse, it is fair to imagine that they probably have problems getting along with other children. As an adult with an abusive background, it is equally fair to imagine that they would have more problems opening up to others. It is a very sensitive problem that can be fixed sometimes through therapy. Others cannot be fixed at all. Sometimes the damage is irreparable.

             Too many people are getting away with the maltreatment of children and there needs to be an end to this. Too many parents are seen on the news for abusing children. Children can die from this and so can adults. Children can be beaten to death and starved and often, adults just cannot take constant reminders of their past and do the inevitable.

Salon Inspired: Eye color accents

In Columns on January 6, 2012 at 7:46 pm

 By: Samantha Lepore        

When applying makeup it is important to remember that practice makes perfect. Photo courtesy of Google images

Sometimes all a woman needs is a touch of mascara and eyeliner to achieve a striking, elegant look, but for special occasions or the need to spice things up a bit, eye shadow can do wonders. Whether you purchase your makeup from a department store or a superstore such as Wal-Mart or Target, picking eye shadow can be mind boggling. With so many different brands, colors and formulas, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. I prefer Maybelline’s powder eye shadow because the colors are highly pigmented; it is long wearing, cheap and can be easily blended. Eye shadow can enhance your beauty, but can also take away from it is as well.  It is important to know that not every eye shadow will look good on you; that is why it is important to know what pigments flatter your eye color and skin tone.

            For the girls with brown eyes, you have it the easiest. Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world, and it goes with most pigments, such as browns, bronzes, greens, grays and bold colors such as purples and pinks. Blue-eyed beauties should never wear blue eye shadow to match your stunning eye color. It will take away from your eyes natural beauty, so stick with grays, pinks, peaches and browns. For those with green and hazel eyes, you are at the highest risk to choose the wrong eye shadow pigment. Purples, pinks, turquoise and olive greens are best for this eye color.

            Eye shadow does not only affect the appearance of your eye color, but also your skin tone. For those who are very pale, avoid very dark, harsh colors, for this will only make you look lighter, so try neutral tones and lighter colors. For those with darker skin, be cautious when using light colors. Sometimes if the eye shadow is dramatically lighter than that skin tone and if it is not applied and blended well, it can look quite atrocious.

            When dealing with any eye shadow pigment, eye color and skin tone, there is always one thing that will compliment your eyes and face in any situation: mascara, and when dealing with mascara, stick with black. The deep, dark color of the black will give the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. With brown and color mascara colors, this can make your lashes look like you put on eye shadow after applying mascara, which gives lashes a dusty unattractive look.

            If you cannot achieve the brilliant eye shadow styles of your celebrity idols right off the bat, do not worry. Practice makes perfect, and the longer you use makeup, the more you will learn about it, such as how to apply it, when and where to use it, etc. Eye shadow, along with all other makeup, was meant to enhance and elicit beauty, not hide it, so take time learning about your makeup and thinking up new, diverse styles. After all, everyone wants to look their best.

Staying on top of fitness resolutions

In Health & Lifestyles on January 6, 2012 at 7:44 pm

By:Jordan Brown

This time of year many goals and resolutions are set, but at the end of the year not many have been achieved. Resolutions that are commonly dropped are “I will get healthier this year,” or “I will exercise every day.” Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are some of the hardest goals to stay motivated and to stick with.

It’s difficult to find time, courage and commitment to exercise, but everyone should. Sure health risks and medical conditions are great reasons to exercise, but emotional aspects can also reap exercise benefits. With these obvious benefits, why not exercise? Well the simple answer is no one wants to do it. There is no immediate gratification with exercise, so it’s tough to see the real effects of it.  Long term effects help people to live a longer and happier life. Exercise can help drop pounds, increase immunity against the common cold and flu, reduce overall health risks, promote healthy organ function, add years to a person’s life and reduce stress.

These long term effects are enough to get off the couch and exercise, but how? Jumping into a rigorous work out plan might seem like the right way to go about exercising, but it isn’t. Working out two to three times a week for 20 or 30 minutes is the best way to start out. Between school, friends, social activities and an after school job, making time for working out seems next to impossible. It isn’t; making time in the mornings and on the weekends is essential to becoming more fit.

Exercise and healthy lifestyle are some of the hardest resolutions to stick with. Photo courtesy Google images

Another essential is to get active enjoyably. Think outside of the box for work out ideas. There a so many new and fun ways to exercise like Zumba, cycle class, aerobics and Wii Fit at home. All of these can really boost will power and produce results. But don’t try doing some advanced cycling class full of experts with music that sounds like screeching cats. By working out in pleasurable conditions it will become more enjoyable and more likely to become a routine. Once working out becomes a routine, there is always time for reward. This reward is not chocolate, McDonalds or Starbucks gift card, but a trip, a new pair of tennis shoes or work out equipment. An exercise regiment should become more like life. Life can be different for different people; a regular high school student can’t exercise during the day so that student has to make time before or after school. Life also means interacting with people. When exercising it helps if there is a person that can help to motivate and acknowledge that the other person is trying to better themselves.

While at the gym, it’s hard not to compare this person to that person, but refrain. This can lower self confidence and crush built up work ethic. It is important to remember that everyone is an individual, and it takes courage and commitment to step inside of that gym, running group or to buy that fitness equipment. Remember the common goal of all people trying to get healthy is to get fit; it’s not to judge or be judged.

Keeping New Year’s resolutions can be life changing for the better. Living a long and healthy life can start this year, or any year. The important thing is to start. Even through these chilly winter months when working out outside is not an option, hit the gym and stay active.

If only…

In Editorials on January 6, 2012 at 7:42 pm

By: Tinsley Tullos

If only I could go back to the ninth grade and get a head start on my GPA. If only I could go back and meet about a hundred more people throughout my years. If only I could have tried out for the dance team, gone out for the golf team or joined other clubs. If only I could start all over again. I am graduating in five months, and what do I have to show for it?

Sometimes I wonder what I could have done differently; where this high schol road could have taken me. Photo courtesy of Kristen Hegel

Sure I have made some lifelong friends, won a senior superlative, obtained an above average GPA and was inducted into the National Beta Club, but is that really all I could achieve in four years? Sometimes I wonder what I could have done differently; where else this high school road could have taken me. Then I reflect on my personal beliefs, and pause on the fact that everything I did or did not do in high school was for a reason; my God let me experience what I needed to.

I feel a certain amount of remorse when I think about the class of 2012, and it somehow always leads me to question this group’s level of closeness. We have waited three years, separated into cliques and alliances formed long before the big year. We never grew out of those groups, and I am afraid that now it is too late. If only the class of 2012 could have reached out to a classmate in need, had a conversation with someone maybe he/she had never spoken to before or hung out with a different group of students every once and a while. 

Five months is scary. Trying to obtain better grades? That is less likely to happen.  Meeting new people? What is the point? Attempting to squeeze in an extra-curricular? Try again. I encourage all of you, whether you are freshmen too young to care or a junior already too cool for school, live through as many things in high school as you can. Take that group of friends whom you have hung around with for ages and combine with another group. Let us hope for the domino effect to create a connected class, a class that you are not ready to leave behind.

We should not just assume that senior year magically creates some sort of bonding air. I fell under the same beliefs, and quickly came to the realization that I was surely mistaken. Talk to as many people as your voice will allow, say as many kind words as you can speak, create as many memories as your schedule permits and whatever you do, do not wait until your final year to attend a basketball game; they are good, trust me. Never let your graduating year lead you to the question of “if only…”


In Editorials, Uncategorized on January 6, 2012 at 7:41 pm

By: Trevor Ottley

Your parents are always there for you. They can be your best friends, if you let them. Photo courtesy of Drew Marshall

                          Parents have a tendency to come off as annoying, strict, and mean. I know, because both my sister and I have experienced all of these symptoms from our parents at one point or another. Even though they may seem like they don’t care and they’re doing this just to get on your nerves, it’s not that at all. Surprisingly, they have a method to their madness. It’s called caring. Your parents care about you, no matter how much you might think they don’t.

                        All kids have experienced the most depressing, mortifying word that comes out of a parent’s mouth. This word is “no.” If you ask them to go to a concert and the bands that are playing are the Death Horses and Sadistic Killers, you shouldn’t be surprised when they say no. They say no because they don’t want you to get into trouble or to get hurt. Parents are smart when it comes to these kinds of things. I have been through this many times throughout my life already, and every time I have learned why they didn’t let me go. It might make sense in your head to go sneak behind the airport and watch the airplanes take off with your significant other, but your parents can see past your ridiculous thoughts and tell you what is actually the smarter and safer move. Parents aren’t dumb. Trust me. They know what is best for you, and they aren’t afraid to tell you what to do. You don’t have control over them; they have control over you.

            There are times when you need your parents most, like when your significant other breaks up with you, or when you’re sick and have nobody to take care of you. Your parents are always there for you. They can be your best friends, if you let them. They were teenagers once, and they understand everything you are going through. They always know exactly what to tell you to make you feel better. They care about you, really. Parents hate seeing you sad or in pain. For example, this past weekend, I was in the hospital for six hours due to intense stomach and back pains, and my parents were there with me every single second. I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way. I could see how worried they were, and it made me realize that they care about me more than anything. My sister has gone through very similar situations, and they were with her just as much as they were with me.

            Parents are awesome, if you think about it. They are always there for you when you need them, they know how and what to do to make you feel better, and they love you more than anybody could ever love anything. Just give your parents a chance and you will realize how amazing they really are.

Yoga: Common myths exposed

In Columns on January 6, 2012 at 7:38 pm

By: Morgan Deal

The idea that you have to be flexible to do yoga is most likely dreamed up due to the fact that most pictures of yoga poses show advanced yogis twisted into “pretzel poses.” Photo courtesy of Google images

           Yoga has become an increasingly popular form of exercise, and along with the popularity comes rumors and misconceptions about the practice.

            Myth number one: you have to be flexible to do yoga. This myth is most likely dreamed up because of the fact that most pictures of yoga poses show advanced yogis twisted into “pretzel poses.” However, this myth is far from being true. When a lot of people start practicing yoga, they are often not very flexible. Take the simple act of touching your toes. When I first started yoga classes, I couldn’t even touch my toes! After practicing yoga for over a year, I am able to not only touch the floor, but am working on getting my palms to the floor.

            Myth number two: yoga will help me lose weight. This is a very complex topic, as weight loss is the result of many factors: a healthy diet, one’s lifestyle, etc. The most obvious benefits of yoga are improved flexibility and stress relief/relaxation. Yoga also tones and strengthens muscles, and can be used as a tool to lose weight, if used in the right way. There are a wide variety of different styles of yoga. A more gentle class focusing on holding poses for a few minutes at a time is not likely to help weight loss. Conversely, a different style of yoga that is more active, such as astanga or vinyasa, increases the heart rate and results in burning more calories. Depending on yoga as your only form of exercise will not help you lose weight in the long run, however. In order to effectively lose weight with yoga, pair your practices with a cardio workout like biking or running.

            A big part of weight gain is your mental state. When we feel negative about ourselves, some people tend to develop bad eating habits that can cause an unhealthy weight. Practicing yoga can improve self confidence and lead you to make healthier decisions all around.

            Myth number three: yoga is a religion. A lot of the time, yoga is associated with spiritual practices such as meditation, the religions Buddhism and Hinduism, and some have even thought that it is a religion in itself. While followers of these religions once made yoga a part of their practices, yoga is not strictly theirs. Anyone from any religion is free to practice yoga, and make it their own. However spirituality, meaning self awareness, discovery and realization, is an important part of yoga. In today’s word, people can become perfectionists, and worry themselves with petty things. It is through the spiritual aspects of yoga that we can fully relax and find peace. “In essence, spirituality deals with our relationship with that which is beyond us as individuals. This is a relationship with something greater than we are with a creator, or a source of being that we have come from before our birth, and where we will go after death,” Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati, medical doctor and psychotherapist, says.

            Common myths and falsehoods about yoga can make people wary of starting a yoga practice, but yoga can be a great tool to improve one’s physical and mental well being, if they are willing to let it be.

Spiderman shows what he is made of

In Entertainment on January 6, 2012 at 7:36 pm

By: Kristyn Blackwood

Starting out as a hazardous musical production has now turned into the highest grossing show on Broadway in history. Photo courtesy of Google images

One of the newest Broadway phenomena is the musical Spiderman that was just released this year. The musical called Turn off the Dark has been considered to have the highest single-week gross in Broadway history. Wicked has been the highest grossing musical in history before this, earning $2,712, 534 just last week, while Spiderman prevailed, taking in $2,941,790. One of the lead producers of Spiderman, Michael Cohl, said, “We knew the possibility. I don’t think that I really thought we’d ever get there, but we did and we’re ecstatic that we did.”

            Along with this musical being the highest grossing in history, it was the costliest to produce at $75 million. The reason for this is the amount of injured actors and stunt men after soaring from the ceilings over the audience. Due to this, many of the professional critics inferred that the musical would suffer a quick end, wasting it’s production money and putting more out of work. Another producer rebutted this statement by saying, “The time to crow is when we have sustained longevity and we’ve returned the money to our investors.”

            The musical has grossed more than $1.2 million each week it has played. This is more than the producers expected. Before the premiere, producers claimed that if the show did not reach at least $1.2 million, they would have to either franchise the show or put it on tour, but since this has not been the case for Spiderman’s Turn off the Dark, it will continue to be shown in New York and the pressures of franchising it will not be pressing for now.  To help explain why this Broadway musical has taken off so amazingly, producers Harris and Cohl said, “We came into a very difficult situation. We’ve changed the team. We’ve added players when we needed to. We’ve moved some players around to different positions. And the success we’ve had here is the culmination of all those people working hard to get done what we’ve gotten done.”

            So here’s a Broadway musical idea that had a rough start and very little supporters to begin with, and it has become one of the best-selling go-to events inNew York Cityin all of Broadway’s history. All the cast and crew of this phenomenon wake up every morning just wondering what next week will bring and how much longer this success is going to last, but all they can do now is just enjoy it and be thankful for the achievement.