To be or not to be

In Editorials on January 6, 2012 at 7:47 pm

By: Erica Beachum

            As girls we are taught, “If guys are mean to you, they’re into you,” but that is not always the case in today’s society. By freshman year in high school, most girls have already had at least one boyfriend, and we all learn from our ex’s what we do not want in our future. That is why they are called an ex which is short for example of what we do not want to be with. The older we get, the more we learn about boys. We learn that some, not all, lie and cheat, but even though we know that, why do we believe that we are “in love” with them?

Two teenagers display an infatuation with one another, otherwise known as "young love" or "puppy love". Photo courtesy of Google images

             As kids turn into teenagers and teenagers turn into young adults, their hormones begin to change. Their minds begin to mature and they develop feelings for others. They sense “signals” being sent from somebody and then become infatuated with them. There are cases where relationships from high school end up working out, but the majority of them do not.

             The allure of danger lurking around from every corner, the spontaneous feeling given off from being rebellious, could those be what draws our attention? Could it be the way they follow their own rules and nobody else’s?  There is no proven statistics on why girls are attracted to bad boys. Yet, when girls end up with the alleged “bad boy”, they end up hurt in the end. Although, no matter what, we would do anything to take them back. We get the feeling that it was us who made the error.

            We find out that guys lie to us. We find out that boys cheat on us. Why do they do it though? As girls, we over analyze things. We think “was it something I did?” or “was he just not happy with me anymore?” Odds are, you did nothing wrong. You did all you could do and he still treated you poorly. Even when he treats you poorly, in your mind you end up becoming infatuated with what went wrong. You go through a mix of emotions. You believe you love him when it is just that you want to be wanted by somebody. Even if you do not find your soulmate in high school, you still have the rest of your life to do so.


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