Spiderman shows what he is made of

In Entertainment on January 6, 2012 at 7:36 pm

By: Kristyn Blackwood

Starting out as a hazardous musical production has now turned into the highest grossing show on Broadway in history. Photo courtesy of Google images

One of the newest Broadway phenomena is the musical Spiderman that was just released this year. The musical called Turn off the Dark has been considered to have the highest single-week gross in Broadway history. Wicked has been the highest grossing musical in history before this, earning $2,712, 534 just last week, while Spiderman prevailed, taking in $2,941,790. One of the lead producers of Spiderman, Michael Cohl, said, “We knew the possibility. I don’t think that I really thought we’d ever get there, but we did and we’re ecstatic that we did.”

            Along with this musical being the highest grossing in history, it was the costliest to produce at $75 million. The reason for this is the amount of injured actors and stunt men after soaring from the ceilings over the audience. Due to this, many of the professional critics inferred that the musical would suffer a quick end, wasting it’s production money and putting more out of work. Another producer rebutted this statement by saying, “The time to crow is when we have sustained longevity and we’ve returned the money to our investors.”

            The musical has grossed more than $1.2 million each week it has played. This is more than the producers expected. Before the premiere, producers claimed that if the show did not reach at least $1.2 million, they would have to either franchise the show or put it on tour, but since this has not been the case for Spiderman’s Turn off the Dark, it will continue to be shown in New York and the pressures of franchising it will not be pressing for now.  To help explain why this Broadway musical has taken off so amazingly, producers Harris and Cohl said, “We came into a very difficult situation. We’ve changed the team. We’ve added players when we needed to. We’ve moved some players around to different positions. And the success we’ve had here is the culmination of all those people working hard to get done what we’ve gotten done.”

            So here’s a Broadway musical idea that had a rough start and very little supporters to begin with, and it has become one of the best-selling go-to events inNew York Cityin all of Broadway’s history. All the cast and crew of this phenomenon wake up every morning just wondering what next week will bring and how much longer this success is going to last, but all they can do now is just enjoy it and be thankful for the achievement.


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