Michele Bachmann visits Beef-O-Brady’s

In Local News on January 6, 2012 at 7:47 pm

By: Cassidy Parker

Michele Bachmann speaks at Beef-O-Brady's restauraunt in Fort Mill on Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Google Images

Michele Bachmann, who is currently running to be the Republican Party’s candidate for president, will be making a stop right here inFortMill. In fact,FortMillwill be the kickoff of her tour ofSouth Carolina. Bachmann will be making an appearance at the well-known Beef-o-Brady’s restaurant onMarket Streetin Baxter, and it isn’t the first time that the Republican has made an appearance inYorkCounty.

            Tomorrow night at 7:30, Bachmann will be at Beef-O-Brady’s to try to earnFortMill’s votes. Her appearance there is being hosted by the Republican Party of York County. Bachmann is the only women competing for the spot as the Republican presidential candidate. She is competing against Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and a few others to receive this highly coveted position.

            Tomorrow will not be the first time Michele Bachmann has made a stop inYorkCounty. Last summer she actually made three visits toYork. First, in June, a few days after she announced that she would be running for president, she was hosted by 1,000 people at theWinthrop’sDiGiorgioCenterballroom. Her second appearance inYorkCountywas a small private event for local pastors. Her third visit was at the Books-A-Million inManchester, and was a book signing for her book, Core of Conviction. Core of Conviction is actually not doing very well in sales.

            Bachmann’s trail through South Carolina, on which she will attempt to win over the voters of the Republican Party, only starts inFortMill. She is actually going on a three-day tour through thePalmettoState.South Carolina’s voting day on this topic is coming up very soon, so Republican candidates are scrambling to try and gather as many votes as possible for the election. Michele Bachmann is especially trying to do this. According to a poll taken by Real Clear Politics, Bachmann trails three of her competitors in the race to be the Republican presidential candidate, so she needs to try and gather up as many votes as possible for the race.

            Michele Bachmann’s, theMinnesota congresswoman, appearance at Beef-O-Brady’s is open to the public, and it costs absolutely nothing to get in. In a scramble for a lead in South Carolina, Bachmann will try to win over your votes, tomorrow night at 7:30.


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