Iran warns U.S.

In World News on January 6, 2012 at 7:50 pm

By: Ciera Johnson

U.S. aircraft carriers travel through the Persian Gulf. Photo courtesy of Google images

         On Tuesday, the U.S. received a warning from Iran to keep an aircraft carrier out of the Persian Gulf. The U.S. did not follow the warning because they believe they’re testing nuclear weapons. The U.S. is not going to back down from Iran and is choosing to ignore the warning.

            Iran is not happy with the rejection of the warning and although they do not plan to attack or act maliciously, they will be prepared if it is needed. The commander of Iran’s army, Maj Gen, says that they will not repeat their warning to the U.S. They are serious about their warning and advise the U.S. to listen to them.

               Iran sent the warning referring to the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier, which belongs to the 5th fleet. It traveled recently through the Persian Gulf to the North Arabian Sea. Iran states that the Americans understood that they were not being “aggressive” towards them and were just doing their own practices. Western diplomats, though, state they were shooting off missiles and were being violent.

               The U.S. states it will continue to travel through the Persian Gulf like it has for years. The U.S. has had ships traveling through the gulf since WWII and the ships fleet covers 2.5 million miles, including the Persian Gulf. They are not going to stop now randomly for no apparent reason. If Iran is messing around with nuclear missles, then they need to be stopped, but if they are not doing anything wrong, there should be no problem with the U.S. traveling through.


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