If only…

In Editorials on January 6, 2012 at 7:42 pm

By: Tinsley Tullos

If only I could go back to the ninth grade and get a head start on my GPA. If only I could go back and meet about a hundred more people throughout my years. If only I could have tried out for the dance team, gone out for the golf team or joined other clubs. If only I could start all over again. I am graduating in five months, and what do I have to show for it?

Sometimes I wonder what I could have done differently; where this high schol road could have taken me. Photo courtesy of Kristen Hegel

Sure I have made some lifelong friends, won a senior superlative, obtained an above average GPA and was inducted into the National Beta Club, but is that really all I could achieve in four years? Sometimes I wonder what I could have done differently; where else this high school road could have taken me. Then I reflect on my personal beliefs, and pause on the fact that everything I did or did not do in high school was for a reason; my God let me experience what I needed to.

I feel a certain amount of remorse when I think about the class of 2012, and it somehow always leads me to question this group’s level of closeness. We have waited three years, separated into cliques and alliances formed long before the big year. We never grew out of those groups, and I am afraid that now it is too late. If only the class of 2012 could have reached out to a classmate in need, had a conversation with someone maybe he/she had never spoken to before or hung out with a different group of students every once and a while. 

Five months is scary. Trying to obtain better grades? That is less likely to happen.  Meeting new people? What is the point? Attempting to squeeze in an extra-curricular? Try again. I encourage all of you, whether you are freshmen too young to care or a junior already too cool for school, live through as many things in high school as you can. Take that group of friends whom you have hung around with for ages and combine with another group. Let us hope for the domino effect to create a connected class, a class that you are not ready to leave behind.

We should not just assume that senior year magically creates some sort of bonding air. I fell under the same beliefs, and quickly came to the realization that I was surely mistaken. Talk to as many people as your voice will allow, say as many kind words as you can speak, create as many memories as your schedule permits and whatever you do, do not wait until your final year to attend a basketball game; they are good, trust me. Never let your graduating year lead you to the question of “if only…”


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