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Have you ever wondered what foster care and adoption are? Have you ever thought about their differences? Why do kids want to be adopted verses staying in foster care? How did kids removed for the first place?

Foster care is children are placed into a home that they have never seen before with parents they have nerve met. Being adopted means a child becomes apart of a new family. New parents take on the responsibility from the biological parents and raise the adopted child as their own.   

There are a lot of differences and some similarities to being adopted and being in foster care. The differences are the guardian, (permanent/nonpermanent), and what happens when the child turns 18. A foster child’s guardian is the state. Being a foster child means that the child doesn’t have a permanent home. The child is there until he/she is either adopted, return home or have to move to another foster home. When parents adopt the child, the stay child is permanent unless the adopted parents decide to give them back. When the young adult turns 18 he/she can sign themselves out of foster care. The similarities are that they in both situations with the child don’t their biological parents. The parents have to go through paperwork and do background checks. They both are start after kids are brought into the Department of Social Services (DSS), which is when kids and young adults are taken away from your family, then the kids are placed into foster after the child then can be adopted.

  When it comes to contact with the biological parents, there is a difference. When a child is first placed into foster care for about year or two, DSS allows him/her to see his/her family. Sometimes after the parent’s, rights are terminated, which means to the real parents are not their parents? More the case worker can give the foster parents permission to allow the kids or kid to write to their biological parents. While still in foster care, they become a warden of the state.  When adopted, it is up to the parents to decide. Sometimes the adoptive parents will say no for the child’s best interest.  

            So being adopted is not a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with being in foster care. Some kids are fine with talking about it and others would rather keep it to themselves because they don’t want people knowing they were taken away from their parents.  Kids and young adults go into foster care for many reasons. So hopefully you learned something.


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