Whistle while you workout

In Health & Lifestyles on December 16, 2011 at 7:58 pm

By: Drew Marshall

Running or other monotonous activities may diminish ones wish to exercise but the endorphins it brings outweight the work. Photo courtesy of Google images

For many people, working out can be a hassle. During the holidays, it can become especially more difficult to force oneself out of bed and into a new workout routine. The holidays get everyone in a better mood, though, and what better way to be happy than to workout. Studies have shown that working out, in general, makes one a happier person, due to the endorphins released in your body during a workout. In a way, working out could be just one other thing to make this the happiest time of the year.

            In the cold weather, some people may feel slow and resistant to a change in routine. Exercise may not fit into one’s schedule, but with a little planning, everyone should be able to make it work. Not only will one’s body look good, but it will bring a new happiness that could change one’s life. The sense of accomplishment while working out, in addition to the chemical changes in the body, also causes a rise in self-esteem. Exercise can even improve depression, which can also be brought about by the harsh winter months.

            Some people may be bored with physical activity, as sometimes running in place can be tiresome. But if one can break through the boring workouts to find something that he or she enjoys, it can make one’s body feel better. Exercise reduces cortisol in the body, a chemical that produces nervous tendencies like anxiety, according to fitness writer Debbie Mandel. The endorphins that flow through the body can also give one’s body the feeling of happiness after a difficult workout.

            Even if long-term fitness plans can’t really fit into one’s schedule, just trying to exercise a little at a time can create a healthier lifestyle, bit by bit. Small exercises ranging from 20-30 minutes at a high level of effort can still release the endorphins that bring happiness. Even if trying to stay in shape for a long time seems too difficult, just working hard for short periods of time can produce the same, pleasant experience.

            While it is December, and the temperature is dropping, there are still ways to workout. There are plenty of local gyms in the Fort Mill area and there is a large variety of indoor activities to partake in. Through exercise, one can become a happier person, and the holiday season can be even more cheerful.


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