Virginia Tech shooting leaves two dead

In World News on December 16, 2011 at 7:57 pm

By: Cassidy Parker



Virginia Tech has another shooting, leaving two dead. Photo Courtesy of Google Images

          Five years ago, Virginia Tech was the scene of a 33 person-massacre that shook both the school and the nation as one of the bloodiest shootings in modern history.  This past Thursday, yet another shooting occurred on campus.  A gunman allegedly took out a gun, approached VT Police Officer Deriek Crouse, and shot and killed him.  The gunman then ran into a building and changed clothes, and was found dead later.  Crouse had just made a traffic stop when the gunman attacked him in the parking lot.  Crouse called in the traffic stop at 12:15 p.m.  Fifteen minutes later, the first call was made to report that a cop had been shot and that the shooter had run away from the scene.  The investigation is still going on, so therefore they have not released the gunman’s name.

            Virginia Tech, unfortunately, has experience when it comes to shooter protocol.  The campus used it’s alert system to put the entire campus on lockdown.  Virginia Tech’s high-tech alert system got out the word that shots were fired, and students and teachers were to remain indoors.  Only 20,000 of the campus’s 30,000 students were actually on campus, due to classes ending on Wednesday. Exams have been postponed. 

            A Montgomery County sheriff was the cop that discovered the shooter’s body.  It is said that the gunman shot Crouse and then fled the scene.  About half an hour later, he was discovered dead from a gunshot wound that they believe was self-inflicted.  The police are almost positive they know who the shooter was “We are very confident we know who this individual is…at that point we will be able to release his name.  I can tell you at this point that he is not a Virginia Tech student.” The police are keeping a tight lock on all information about the case, because it has not been confirmed who the shooter was. 

            Ironically, the shooting occurred on the same day that Virginia Tech was in a hearing for their actions in the 2007 shooting.  They were given a $55,000 fine for not reacting soon enough


after the first two students were killed in the original shooting.  They waited two hours before they alerted the faculty and students that two students had been shot.  At that point, the student gunman had already taken captive 30 more students, with intent to kill them. Virginia Tech is mourning the loss of their police officer, and the new shooting has brought up the sad and mournful feelings the original feelings that the first Virginia Tech massacre created when it occurred.


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