The Sitter

In Entertainment on December 16, 2011 at 7:53 pm

By: Lauren Anderson

This is not the kind of babysitter you need Photo courtesy of Google images

          The movie The Sitter opened on Friday, December 5th. Jonah Hill is the main character of this movie, you may remember him from the movie Super Bad. In this movie Jonah Hill plays Noah who becomes a babysitter. Sam Rockwell also stars in this movie; she is a rising actress and she plays Noah’s “girlfriend”. The character, Noah, is a 20 year old mess-up who is on probation for a DUI and is still living with his mother.

          Noah’s mother is set up on a blind date by one of her longtime friends. And as she is on her way out the door, she gets a call. The caller says that their babysitter has canceled on them. Noah’s mother begs Noah to baby-sit her friend’s three kids for this one night so she can go out and have a little fun. The first time she asks him, he says no, but he thinks about her and how she hasn’t gotten out and met anyone new and he says yes and goes to baby sit. When Noah gets to the house, he is immediately introduced to the three kids Slater, Blithe, and Rodrigo. Slater is a young pre-teen with many issues. Blithe is a young little girl that wishes she was a celebrity. The last child, Rodrigo is the newly adopted child who has a tendency to run away. Noah is fooled by their sweet attitudes while their parents are at home.

          Soon after the kid’s parents leave, Noah gets too comfortable and thinks the kids are going to listen to his every word.  Shortly he finds out that it is not going to be easy. After fighting with the kids for a little bit, he gets a call from his “girlfriend,” asking him to bring her cocaine. He hesitates for a moment, then puts the kids in the car and  goes off to get her cocaine. The trip starts off easy but when Noah stops at the place to get the drugs, Rodrigo takes off and runs away. Noah then has to use the tracking device the parents gave him to find Rodrigo. It doesn’t take Noah long to find him. Little did he know after he found Rodrigo he realizes he stole $10k worth of cocaine from the drug dealer and he is followed though out the rest of the movie and his life is threatened many times.

          Overall this is a very good movie, and is filled with humor, but it is not a movie to go see with your family. This movie has vulgar language and sexual references. Only mature audiences should see this movie and don’t bring your kids. If you need a good laugh, go and see this. I give it a nine out of ten.


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