The gift of a lifetime

In Local News on December 16, 2011 at 8:03 pm

By: Cassidy Parler

Now age 18, Melody Nesbit is able to donate her mom a kidney. Photo courtesy of Google Images

The time of late November and all through December is referred to as the season of giving. People are feeling more generous and willing to give up things for other, but a kidney? That isn’t a present you hear about every day. That is exactly what Melody Nesbit, age 18 a former Fort Mill High student, gave her mom. The transplant occurred last Wednesday, and both Sarah Nesbit, Melody’s mother, and Melody are recovering from the surgery in the hospital.

            Melody is in good condition after the surgery, and is now eating ice cream and able to sit up in bed. Her mom, however, is in serious condition and required a second surgery to reposition the new kidney. Sarah Nesbit lost her kidney shortly after the birth of their second child, Ernie. Melody then decided, when she was nine years old, that’s she would give her mom her kidney when she was 18.

            “The only reason I waited until now is you have to be 18 years old to do it,” commented Melody. In the interviews she has given, Melody seems calm and at ease; not worried or scared like most people would be. “I can handle it. No biggie,” she replied when asked how she felt about losing the kidney. She focused on, not what her outcome is, but what her mom’s is. She is doing all of this for her, and she thinks that her mom is well deserving of it. “I am a match. She’s my mom. She gave me what I have…I give back. I give a kidney.”

            Melody’s calm outlook doesn’t mask that this was a major surgery, and pain and worry has followed. Jason Nesbit, Melody’s father, said, “She’s still in pain, but she came through it so far so good.” Melody, according to her father, is a “tough cookie,” and with the support of her family behind her, she is expected to finish her projected 10-day hospital stay this week. Sarah Nesbit, however, is in more critical condition after the surgery. “After some concern at the beginning, the kidney is right now functioning like it should and she is looking better,” says Melody’s father. Sarah’s hospital stay has to be longer, because they must check and test the kidney to make sure it is functioning properly.


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