The Black Keys unlock a whole new world of music

In Entertainment on December 16, 2011 at 7:39 pm

Releasing their new album El Camino, the Black Keys get ready to have their best album yet. Photo courtesy of Google images.

 By:Trevor Ottley

             Recently, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney from Akron, also known as the Black Keys, released a new album called El Camino. Unlike their first album, Brothers, El Camino tends to focus more on the heavy bass lines than the main guitar riffs. The two albums are actually very different from each other. Their older album, Brothers, was a huge hit in America, selling millions of albums. With that in mind, many people have been looking forward to the release of El Camino.

                El Camino consists of eleven songs, which range from low beat, swing like songs, to heavy bass, full on, jam out tracks. With many catchy songs, El Camino shouldn’t fail the test that the Black Keys fans will put it up to. It will be hard for them to transfer, however, from the slow down beats and heavy guitar focus of Brothers, to the fast bass and the background guitar that has more of a dance feel to it of El Camino. This album focuses on a lot of handclaps, rainbow keyboards, and talk-box guitar breaks throughout to mix it up and keep the listener interested.

                With an album like this, there has to be a great producer taking the reigns of this wild horse. The producer is none other than Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton, who also produced “Tighten Up,” a hit song on Brothers. This time, although, Burton produced the entire album instead of just one song. Since Auerbach and Carney almost started this album out with nothing but a few instruments in hand, Burton had no other choice but to help his past companions on this adventure. The result: a heterogeneous mixture of guitar, vocals, bass, keyboard, and many other instruments with a hint of swingy blues and some dance beats sprinkled on top. El Camino is an album that the Black Keys worked diligently on, and it obviously sounds like it. So be sure to check out El Camino to see if they bring a new reality of music to your taste.


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