That perfect look

In Editorials on December 16, 2011 at 8:15 pm

By:Bryana Gose

as long as you can own your own look thats all that matters. Photo courtesy of Google images

As little girls, we all grew up playing with Barbies. Barbie was considered perfect in our world. She had long blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes and a body any girl would die for. As we became older, models became our “Barbie.” Every girl wants that perfect hair, those beautiful eyes and the body we see in magazines, on commercials and on runways all around the world. The truth is, those girls go through drastic measures, and are photo shopped to look that way.

            Every girl has looked at a magazine and said to herself, “I wish I looked like her.” Companies use skinny, perfect girls for advertisement. Girls look at a magazine and then look at themselves in a mirror, thinking they are not good enough. Seeing girls like this makes us think we are not skinny, but that we are fat only because we see those specific girls used for advertisement. I think we do that because growing up we were told how perfect looks and what perfect was. Did we grow up thinking there is only that one “perfect” look?

            In high school girls are always self-conscious. We worry about what we are wearing, how we look and our overall image. Girls are always judging each other on how they look and their appearance, not by what is on the inside. If somebody doesn’t have that certain style, they are referred to as different.

I think the Barbie look is unrealistic. No girl should be judged on how they look just because they don’t look like a plastic doll. No matter where you are or who you are with, people will judge you on your looks. Is it like this because of a toy we played with growing up? Are we all supposed to look like Barbie? The truth is everybody is perfect the way you are.


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