Sports Fashion

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"Chuck Taylor’s went from basketball to an everyday, versatile shoe wear.."

        By: Rose Snipes

Sports fashion is not about sweat pants, neon leggings and sweat bands anymore. Sportswear has become street wear for any season. Many designers have used the sporty look like Burberry and Marc Jacobs. Alexander Wang, fashion designer has us looking up to football for a tomboyish and youthful look, but do not just look at football for inspiration; baseball, dance, and soccer can also be taken into consideration when looking for inspiration.

 The look started in the 80’s inspired by the aerobic exercise videos; everyone looked like they were going to the gym instead of work, but in this day and age we have toned it down a bit.

           Jerseyscan always be seen sporting numbers, many shirts today in fashion have numbers on them, whether it’s in rhinestones or glitter. Another look from jerseys are jersey knit fabric. This fabric is lightweight and comes in a variety of styles. Two-toned baseball tees can also be found in stores, paired with pinned striped or khaki pants, the to create a look that is both casual and fun.

            A sporty look that can be found on the head of many teenagers are head bands. There are many different types of head bands. Cloth or plastic, with bows or buttons; there’s so many different ways to wear these.

            Footwear is a must when trying to achieve that sporty look. Chuck Taylor’s went from basketball to an everyday, versatile shoe wear, they can now be found in a variety of styles and colors. Other old school sporty shoe brands are Adidas,

Sketchers and Pumas, if you are looking for that high-tech look invest in some Nike, New Balance and Diesel.

            So if you want to learn how to apply the sporty look into your wardrobe tap into your inner sports fan and do not be afraid to mix in some sporty looks that can range from relaxed to chic.


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