Salon Inspired: Visibly flawless skin

In Columns on December 16, 2011 at 7:50 pm

By: Samantha Lepore

Applying lotion before makeup everyday helps preserve foundation and keep skin moisturized. Photo courtesy of Google Images

         No matter what gender you are, everyone would love to have visibly soft, smooth blemish-free skin. This can be hard to achieve, especially during adolescence because of hormones, stresses and oily skin.  Having good habits such as eating well, washing your face daily and moisturizing can help in avoiding blemishes and damaged skin, but still many are left with this burden. Luckily for girls, we have makeup to assist with this problem although some girls improperly apply makeup. This can make skin look even worse than when no makeup is applied.

            There are many things to consider when purchasing facial makeup, beginning with your skin tone. Presently, makeup companies produce hundreds of different colors and shades of foundations, concealers, powders, etc. Having the right color of makeup is vital for a natural look.  It is also important to moisturize daily with a face lotion after washing your face. Many face washes, especially ones aimed towards acne prevention and reduction, contain salycic acid which can be very drying to skin. Dry skin is very difficult to work with when applying makeup because makeup can often make it look worse.  Not only does lotion keep skin soft, but it also serves as an excellent base for your foundation. The lotion will allow your foundation to easily glide on and stick.

The first thing to use when applying face makeup is foundation. Foundation is the base for beautiful, even-looking makeup. Depending on your skin type, you may need foundation with sheer, medium, or heavy coverage. Since foundation is a complete necessity for a perfect look, I prefer to go to department stores and purchase my foundations. It may be more expensive, but it is definitely worth the money. Makeup brands such as MAC, Sephora and Clinique offer an assortment of liquid, powder and cream foundations that have buildable coverage. They also have specialists that can help you choose the right product and shade for you. Concealer is a must for those with multiple blemishes and facial imperfections that cannot be covered with foundation alone. It can also come in handy for dark circles under the eyes and quick touch-ups throughout the day. After foundation and concealer are applied, it is time for powder. Powder is one of the last touches that helps perfect and preserve your facial makeup. It is best to apply this with a brush, not the applicators that come with the powder. Using those applicators on your face can not only cause blemishes, but also can cause your makeup to be cakey and uneven. The last touch is your contour color, such as blush and bronzer. During the summer I use MAC’s Bronzing powder in Refined Gold for a sweet, sun-kissed look. I use wine and pink colored blushes during other months for a more natural look. Blush and bronzers are applied to the cheek. I typically start on the inner part of my cheek and blend the color outwards to avoid lines and streaks.

          Using the tips above can help you achieve more natural and flawless looking facial makeup. Yes, makeup is used to hide blemishes but keep in mind that the makeup we put on our face can also cause them by clogging pores. To minimize this effect, always wash your makeup applicators before use and remove makeup and wash your face every night to get rid of impurities and left over makeup from that day. It might be a hassle but beauty is one of a girl’s greatest accessories.


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