In Editorials on December 16, 2011 at 7:44 pm

By: Ciera Johnson           

"You are yourself and no other person can give you that or take it away from you." -Ciera Johnson Photo courtesy of Sasha Jimenez

         In today’s society it seems that being in a relationship is what everyone wants. They want a person who they can call their own. It seems as though nobody wants to be independent or be on their own anymore; it’s as if they can not stand being by themselves. It is always portrayed that is you do not have a girlfriend/boyfriend then you are “ugly” or “weird,” but is that really the case?

                I think that it really should not matter whether you are single or in a relationship to define who you are. You are yourself and no other person can give you that or take it away from you. Just because you are single does not mean you are a “loser” or “can’t get anyone.” This simply means that you are capable of being by yourself and do not need someone there to act as a back bone. In fact, maybe being alone is what is best for people right now, especially at a young age. Who needs a boyfriend or girlfriend? These are the years you will never forget! You do not want or need to be tied down to one person just because you feel like it’s the trend.

                Everyone deserves happiness, but being happy does not have to come from somebody else. You are completely capable of finding your own happiness within yourself. So I say forget trying to find someone to be with! Let it find you and whatever happens, happens. Either way, everything will work itself out if you just let it be. Take this time to soak everything in, because one day you will have someone that you will always be with and you’ll wish you had taken better advantage of this time alone. Never forget how great you are, and that you do not need to be in a relationship to be happy!


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