Pre-Christmas giving

In Sports on December 16, 2011 at 8:18 pm

By: Jordan Smith

Is Orlando Magic’s center, Dwight Howard, really leaving his team behind? Well there are no guarantees, but that is what it looks like right now.   The 6-11, 265 lb. center started his career with the Orlando magic in 2004. Ever since, he has flourished and has been known to quote on quote “take your soul to the hole,” which simply means to dribble the ball to the basket with power.

Dwight Howard and Chris Paul struggle to make decision on NBA trade. Photo courtesy of Google images

He has been a power house for the Magic, and it makes logical sense why they desperately want to keep him. Don’t let his kind, and playful nature fool you. When Howard gets the ball, he knows what to do with it and is not kind.

The Los Angeles Lakers are making it their first priority to get Howard to complete their “dream team.” Other teams such as his current team the Orlando Magic, the New Jersey Nets and the Dallas Mavericks, are trying to get him to help their team out a great deal. If you recall, Lebron went through this very same situation. And as everyone knows, his decision turned disastrous. Hopefully Howard will look at the big picture and make a wise decision.

Another big all-star player being traded is Chris Paul. The Lakers are focusing hard on Chris Paul, hoping to get Howard and win a championship. But weighing out the chances of actually getting him they retreated.

The LA Clippers took the Lakers’ spot and are trying to build a mind-blowing team. If Paul takes the Clippers’ deal, they’ll send Eric Gordon to Minnesota. With Blake Griffin and Chris Paul as teammates, the sky is the limit.

As Howard was the power player for Orlando, Paul is the game changer who will knockdown the buzzer beater or the free throw when it is needed. With Paul leaving, it will be like Kobe trying to fit Shaq’s shoes. People will push to convince Paul to go where they want him to go, but he will follow his heart and will find his right place. With all the trading and drama it will be an exiting season. We will see what will be in store for us on December 25 as they deliver presents to each other, in other words, blocks.


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