Model U.N.

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Modern U.N helps with important college resumes. Photo courtesy of Google images

By: Mariah Wilson

If you are looking for a club that teaches you to work with your peers and sometimes your enemies, then you need to join Model U.N.  The club is centered around discussions regarding worldwide issues and through mock negotiations, students decide on solutions for them.  It meets every Thursday in Mr. Morgan’s room, which is located in room C-111.  There is a new debate coming up soon, so be prepared to come if you want a real-world challenge.

In the club, students take the place of ambassador from countries that are members of the United Nations to debate over current issues.  When Junior Jordan Wilson was asked about the opportunities that Model U.N. gives him, he replied, “It gives me the opportunity to work on my public speaking.  It also helps me keep up with the real issues that are taking place around the world.  Putting Model U.N. on my application for college will boost my chance into getting into the right one.” 

Procedures for the club are simple. Whatever country you are assigned, you will research topics to find the effect any one issue will have on the respective nation.  Each nation gets to negotiate on what changes need to be made to other’s governments. However, before the debate, a Model U.N. delegate is chosen, which means a student becomes the ambassador of the whole U.N.

The origin of Model U.N. is unsure because there are no official records.  It is believed that the first Model U.N meeting was held at HarvardUniversity. However, other schools have made the same claim. Disregarding the origins of the club itself, it remains a popular club to attend. Over 400,000 students ranging from middle school to college aged participate annually.  Former members include Ryan Seacrest, Rainn Wilson, current U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, and former first-daughter Chelsea Clinton.  The Model U.N. has been featured in hit shows such as; The Simpsons, The O.C., and Gossip Girl, giving the club additional notoriety. 

The Model U.N. can be a good choice for many reasons. It proves important for students who might want a career in global politics but can be entertaining even if you’re not interested in being a world leader. It can be used as an extracurricular activity for college resumes as well as another source for discovering the issue that effect our world.  So, if you are interested in joining a club that will improve your chances into getting into a top college, then come to one of the many club meetings!



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