Life Lessons

In Columns on December 16, 2011 at 7:50 pm

By: Danzig Decsy

             Let’s face it. Sometimes being a student is simply a little too stressful, especially for upperclassmen. If you’re anything like me, living the scholarly life can sometimes make you feel like you’re trapped in a violent whirlwind of homework, chores, finances, friends, relationships, college plans and family matters. Some people can handle these situations rather well, but for me, sometimes even the thought of juggling my not-so-peaceful lifestyle aspects can muster up an aching headache and a restless mind. This has led me to realize the importance of alone time and my growing concern for those individuals who have yet to reach this realization.

Typically, when I’m by myself, I tend to participate in activities that I enjoy. Photo courtesy of Drew Marshall

             Some people may claim that they have such tight schedules, that they don’t have time to be alone, but I encourage them to reconsider. Sometimes the time-consuming typhoon that is high school life can seem inescapable, but if you set your priorities straight, you can find yourself enjoying your own company relatively quickly. It’s simply a matter of getting what must be done out of the way first. Completing important and difficult tasks early can put your mind at ease and take a huge weight off your shoulders. But, as we all know, something like that is always easier said than done.

             Once you have reached the point where the first priorities have been met, the world has become your oyster and deciding what to do next is up to you. Personally, if I felt that I had enough time to spare at this point, I would probably take advantage of the fact and proceed with my alone time.

             Typically, when I’m by myself, I tend to participate in activities that I enjoy. For the most part, I like to play music on my keyboard and guitar while singing at the top of my lungs. I consider this to be a super-effective way of releasing energy and stress, leaving me in a calm and collected state. But music isn’t for everyone. You could go outside and breathe in the fresh and cool autumn air. Exercise has been proven to relieve stress as well, so moving around periodically can definitely help. Your idea of reaching relaxation may be entirely different, and you may find the idea of sitting on the couch while watching television to be your gateway to personal freedom.

             The overall idea is to find what makes you happy and do it more often. Sometimes we just need to get away from it all and get to know ourselves. But if we don’t prioritize our lives, alone time could become unattainable. Keep in mind, however, not to abuse your “me time.” When used correctly, it can be very satisfying. But when used incorrectly, it can become meaningless.


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