FCA Afghan sell

In Campus Life on December 16, 2011 at 7:41 pm

By: Raven Rascoe           

          With winter now here, the temperature is dropping quickly. What better way to snuggle up tight than to buy an Afghan from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. For those who don’t know what an afghan is, it’s a blanket that is thick and heavy. The five and a half foot blanket is one of the most treasured items I have seen so far this year.

            This warm blanket only cost $35 and is a great present for FMHS alumni. “This warm thick blanket is a great way to have a piece ofFortMillmemory,” English teacher and FCA sponsor Laura Anne Cranford said. The afghan is blue and yellow, and has our famous mascot, the Yellow Jacket. “These blankets are my favorite and it knocks out a lot of people of my list for Christmas,”Cranfordsaid. As I looked and felt the blanket, I instantly wanted to by one. The feel of the blanket reminds me of a comfort item as a child. This is something that you know will keep you safe forever.

            The money that is raised from the blankets will be used for FCA’s trips that they take throughout the year. There are two trips towards which the money mainly goes: the spring trip to Garden City and the fall trip to the Clemson football game. The blanket is a great remembrance for the four years you spend here atFortMillHigh School.

            This blanket is great for football games to keep you warm and comfortable. FCA is a very dedicated team that likes to lead with Christ. This is the perfect blanket to share time with another person and show that you care.

            I’m sure that there are a number of people on your Christmas list, both young and old, who would love to receive their own FMHS afghan this holiday season.  Keep the Yellow Jacket spirit alive and buy your afghan today!


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