Fashion: Men’s edition

In Columns on December 16, 2011 at 8:23 pm

By: Tinsley Tullos

It has come to my attention that the boys ofFortMillHigh Schoolare unaware of how to dress properly. Dressing nicely is simply a means of taking pride in oneself, and not at all a girlish statement. With such a limited selection of fashionable men in our school, the standards of dressing well have resulted toa Ralph Lauren Polo, accompanied by dark-washed jeans and a pair of Nike air maxes. Really students? Get creative. Considering there are about twenty or so “best dressed” boys, or boys who make an effort, if you dress well, I know your name.

I am guessing there are about zero guys who keep tabs on the latest male fashion trends at the moment, so I have done the research for you. With this season being rich in colors, textures, styles and fabrics, it will surely be a hit for all who attempt. Darker colors, such as navy blue or black, are being showcased in military style trenches and accessories. Wear these with a pair of slacks and dress loafers.

Yes, I am conscious about the “preppy” disease going around the boy’s locker room, but it needs to stop. Ralph Lauren is nice and so are bow ties, but if one is going to wear them, then one needs to get original.  Bring out the true preppy style with comfortable sweaters and bright shaded blazers from designers like D&G and Tommy Hilfiger. One can pair his Ralph Lauren and bow tie under the sweater or blazer and then add a pair of corduroys and wacky shoes.

“Gray to the world, It matches ev-vur-ry-thing.” The color gray is classic; it can be coordinated with bright hues, black and/or white. Use it as a go-to shade for any type of style, whether business or casual. Along with gray, there is also a large availability of light brown hues that can be accessorized with a bright red scarf (yes, a man can wear a scarf without looking too girly) or a teal pair of socks.

Show us girls something sophisticated, perhaps with refined suit or workwear pieces. Double-breasted jackets, large pleats and square pockets are all a part of this season’s standard of class. Look for leather embellishments and hard metal scraps; the more manly, the better. 

I am also pretty positive that none of you would be up for wearing velvet, fur or calfskin, so here is an alternative. Try mixing just a small piece of velvet or even a few leather bits to any aspect of your outfit. These items can be hidden in any structured blazer or casual pair of shoes.

Loose tailoring and chunky sweaters are also on the list of hot spots for this season, but something I think most of you would bring shame upon at just one attempt. Try these suggestions, but just in a better-fitted way. When embarking on this stylish makeover, look for pieces that actually fit and pieces that will not be too much of a challenge at first. If you find a clothing item that lies nicely, by all means, go crazy with it. Did you find the right size in that solid shaded sweater you have been eye-balling for quite some time? Get the one next to it with a moose and lodge pattern. If the garment fits well, and you have confidence in it, than you can also have confidence that it will look good. Do not combine both an extreme top and bottom at once though, that is a no when it comes to untried males.

Yes a male dressing well often has a negative connotation, but it is only because everyone else is afraid to do so. Stand up, dress well and inspire other males around you. Do not make me have to write a second male fashion edition.


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