Dance team travels to Tennessee

In Campus Life on December 16, 2011 at 8:02 pm

By: Kristyn Blackwood

This past weekend, December 1 through the 4, our Fort Mill Dance Team traveled to Sevierville, Tennessee for UDA’s Smokey Mountain Christmas Dance Competition. They competed on Saturday, December 3 against eight other varsity high school dance teams.

            The girls have been preparing since early July for this competition. This includes choreographing and cleaning the dance, as well as, getting together and participating in fundraisers to help pay for the trip. They hosted their own competition, in which nine other schools came to compete, raising the majority of their money. The dance team also worked a refreshments booth at the Baxter Fall Festival which made more money and also allowed them to promote themselves and advertise for Breakfast with Santa.

            Breakfast with Santa is one of the events Dance Team hosts every year that brings in a good amount of money. This event already happened this year, but make sure to be looking out next year for the dance team to be selling tickets. This event, happed on December 10, provided breakfast and a chance for the children to meet with Santa and tell him what is on their Christmas lists.

            Back to the competition, the girls came in fourth place out of nine. The team scored higher than over half the teams there to compete and was just 10 points away from beating the highest scoring team. They were pleased with their score, but also know what needs to be done to improve. When asked what her favorite part about the weekend was, Senior Sarah Oldiges said, “I enjoyed being with all the girls and having the opportunity to attend the University of Tennessee basketball game and meet their dance team!” The UT dance team is the four time National UDA dance team champs, making them the best college dance team in the country. Mrs. Dukes, the dance team coach said, “I don’t know who was more excited, me or the girls, to meet the UT dance team, but it was definitely an awesome opportunity.”

            All in all, the dance team had a good competition as well as many opportunities to help inspire and improve their abilities for future competitions. They are looking forward to the rest of their season this year and are hoping everyone comes out to support them at upcoming events like Breakfast with Santa and basketball games this year.


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