Christmas traditions

In Columns on December 16, 2011 at 7:47 pm

By:  Sharicka Harris

Surprise!  Christmas is only a few weeks away, and everyone is getting ready.  It’s time for Christmas lights, decorations, and presents.  All children gather their Christmas lists, and usually it’s filled with electronics and toys.  Christmas is the best time of year to give and receive gifts from family and friends.  Every year for Christmas, stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Sears, and others have “Black Friday” to get expensive things for a cheaper price.

Christmas is not like any other holiday; you get to have anything and everything for which you’ve asked.  Everyone has that tingly feeling when presents are set under the Christmas tree; it gives them the urge to just unwrap one present to see what it is.  Christmas is not always a time to have gifts, but to spend time with others.  This time of year, all stores have plenty of shoppers and lots of stuff on layaway.

For traditions, most families do it differently; some families leave cookies and milk for Santa the night before, open up one present at midnight, or just don’t even celebrate Christmas at all.  Everyone gets excited because they are anxious to see what they have received.  Christmas gifts are important to children.  On Christmas Eve, all families join together to get prepared for Christmas morning with a big breakfast.

In my mind, Christmas is the most fun/best holiday; it’s not celebrating the time with your family or presents, but it also celebrates another year of Christ.  Christmas is a time of caring for someone by giving him/her a gift.  Most people like Jamecia Harris say, “Christmas is a very exciting holiday to get anything you want, and I’m thankful for all the gifts that I have under the Christmas tree.”  Dazha Miller said, Christmas is the best holiday because of the gifts, the smell of my grandmother’s cooking, and the good times to see family from out of town.”  So, Christmas is a wonderful holiday to celebrate, and it’s almost here.  During Christmastime, most everything that was expensive has dropped down to a cheaper price to make Christmas a lot more affordable for all families.  Buckle up and strap down, because Santa’s coming to town.


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