China takes down child traffickers

In World News on December 16, 2011 at 7:59 pm

By: Jordan Brown

This past Thursday, a break in the battle against child trafficking was made. In the Chinese providence ofSichuan, a large child trafficking organization was brought down. The Chinese police arrested 608 suspects and were able to save 178 children that would have been sold on the international child trafficking market.Chinahas a “zero tolerance” law for child trafficking.

            The bust was said to be the biggest since the law was passed. The police had waited several months to conduct this nationwide investigation; over 5,000 police officers where used in the case. The Ministry of Public Security, which is theUnited Statesequivalent to the FBI or Homeland Security, has made several statements about the case.

“We will ensure the buyers lose both their money and the purchased children, so that we can address the problem from the source by reducing the demand for kidnapped and trafficked children” the Ministry of Public Security stated, after the arrests were made.

Although this was a large case, it is nowhere near ending the child trafficking problem inChina. Because of child trafficking, thousands of children are reported missing every year. As for the fate of the children in this case, they will most likely go to orphanages around the country. Over 18,518 children have been rescued from situations like this one.China’s zero tolerance law has started a new campaign to end human trafficking in the country.

 “This policy is aimed at cracking down on the buyers’ market,” the Ministry of Public Security says. It’s hard to say whether the policy is working or not. But with all the arrests made on Thursday, it seems likeChinais very serious about following through with previous statements. Among the arrests that have been made, many will be convicted. Most are members of gangs and larger human trafficking organizations.

 Crimes like these are tough to track down and make arrests, butChinaseems to be doing a pretty good job. With allChina’s providences cooperating, more and more arrests will be made. Maybe this special enforcement will encourage other countries with human trafficking problems to take action.


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