Buildings in South Korea resemble 9/11 attack

In World News on December 16, 2011 at 8:04 pm

By:Bryana Gose

Two large buildings in South Korea that are going to be used for new apartments strangely resemble the collapse of the Twin Towers after the September 11, 2001 attack. One of the new buildings will have 54 floors, and the other will have 60.In the middle both will conjoin, having many restaurants and places to shop.  Many families affected by 9/11 say it closely resembles the World Trade Center. The PR chief at the Yongsan Developmental Company says that these accusations were surprising. “If I’d been living in New York at the time, and been part of the experience, I might agree it looked like it. But to me, at the moment, it doesn’t resemble the World Trade Center attacks at all,” Mr. Seo said. Designers say it’s not supposed to resemble the attack but to resemble a pixelated cloud making the apartments a luxurious place to live.

            Even on the streets of Seoul, where the buildings will be located, people do make the connection and see that it does look like the attack. “Even if it does remind people of 9/11, there’s no law saying it can’t be built,” one pedestrian said. “It might even remind people of the tragedy that happened back then.”

New apartments in South Korea look similar to the Twin Towers being attacked during 9/11. Photo courtesy of Google images

The development company has said there were two designs to choose from and they chose this one because it was viewed as a trendy look, the other was leaning more towards old- fashioned. In South Korea, buildings aren’t just buildings. That’s where the symbolism and spiritual impact of buildings is cherished. Mr. Seo says this latest dispute is not a matter of insensitivity towards the U.S but different cultural perceptions. As they chose this “trendy” styled building, the design will not be completely finalized until next year, but the company is saying they will not change the design of the building from their plans to make the critics happy or to please the people complaining about how the design looks. The designers like the look and think it’s a very unique building so changing the style is out of consideration. Construction on this relatively familiar look of buildings is not due to start until roughly 2013.


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