Animals can be Angels too

In Local News on December 16, 2011 at 7:54 pm

By Julia Applegate

Christmas is the time for giving and generally, you think of going to the soup kitchen or the care center. But what about providing a Christmas for a helpless animal?

The Baxter Veterinary Clinic has joined forces with the Humane Society of York County and a few other volunteers to create an angel tree specifically for animals.  The animals that are placed on the tree are either at the Humane Society or are brought in by a few very caring volunteers. Joan Roseberry, is one of these volunteers and she saves dogs that are lost or wandering on the streets as well as dogs from the York Animal Control. Roseberry then brings the dogs to the Baxter Veterinary Clinic for a physical, shots, and tests. She brings in about three to five dogs a week and, with the help of the Baxter Veterinary Clinic, puts the dogs in foster care for about two weeks before sending the dogs to homes or rescue groups. The foster care allows for the dogs to get acclimated to home life and other pets so they will be ready for adoption.

Another important volunteer is Mary Beth Knapp, who works with the Humane Society of York County. Knapp originally got introduced to volunteering because she has five dogs of her own and it lets her get involved without bringing home more animals. Knapp started out working with fundraisers and tag-teaming events but was later voted onto the board.  When Kelly Baete, the owner and operator of Baxter Veterinary Clinic, approached both Knapp and Roseberry with the Angel Tree idea they both agreed to help. Roseberry continues to bring in dogs to put on the tree and Knapp has put both cats and dogs on the tree too.

The Angel Tree is located in the lobby of the Baxter Veterinary Clinic and is filled to the top with animal ornaments. The ornament includes a picture of an animal, the type of service or treatment it needs and the amount that it will cost.

“They treat the dogs like they do any other patient with kindness and care and myself too,” Roseberry stated about Baxter Veterinary Clinic. Their help is what has made saving the dogs’ lives possible.

Their hopes are that the Angel Tree will allow for the “Christmas momentum” to pick up and carry through January. The animals on the tree are in desperate need of treatments and other services so they can be ready for adoption. As Knapp put it, “It costs money to save lives,” and this Christmas season is the perfect time to donate to a good cause or even adopt a new pet. Head down to the Baxter Veterinary Clinic today so you can lend a helping hand for animals in need!


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