A Home for the Holidays

In Local News on December 16, 2011 at 8:08 pm

 By: Cassidy Parker

The York County Humane Society opens a new shelter. Photo courtesy of Google Images

   “A Home for the Holiday” marked the ability for animal to now have a new home, right here inFortMill. “A Home for theHoliday” was the name of the ribbon-cutting ceremony held for the Humane Society of York County’s new home, and it is getting people excited. “I am really excited to see the new shelter,” Brittany Bivins, a student that previously volunteered at the old shelter, said with a smile. “I really hope it helps all the animals have a better chance of getting adopted.” The new facility is located at8177 Regent ParkwayinFortMill. The new facility is a huge improvement from the old one.

            The old place was a makeshift office that lacked several features that an animal shelter needs, such as drainage and a place for the animals to run and exercise. The new shelter was built on money made from the thrift shop they run, called Pawsabilities, and other donations and grants given to the shelter. With the old facility being far below needs, saying the new shelter is an improvement isn’t really saying too much about it, but the new place certainly is a top notch facility.

            The main new feature, that the volunteers call The Path of Hope, is supposed to help animals get adopted faster by winning over the hearts of the adopters as they come in. The Path of Hope is a place where the animals can run and play and the volunteers say that when the adopters come in they see the animals playing that it helps them want to adopt them. “I think adoptions are going up because people can see the dogs running and playing together. We didn’t have anything like that in the old place,” staff member Megan Price commented on the new addition.

            The Path of Hope is directed mainly towards dogs, but there is another new addition that is helping cats get adopted as well. The cat area is a place where the adopters can view all of the cats at the same time. They gathered all of the adult cats into one room, and this lets people have a great view of all the cats there are in the shelter that they have the chance to adopt. “Having all the adult cats in one room offers a wonderful view for the public,” shelter manager Jean Ruddy said about it.

            The new additions, however, can offer some challenges as well. Having all the cats in one room can amount to a serious amount of cleanup, which requires a lot of time. Then, the dog kennel needs new locks, not to mention the fact that the outside area requires extra transportation and cleaning. The challenges are worth it though. It’s all about getting the animals adopted, and the new shelter will surely help.


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