A Blast from the past: 90’s Toys

In Uncategorized on December 16, 2011 at 7:56 pm

By: Rose Snipes

              Most people have their favorite toys from when they were children. In this day and age, more and more kids are sucked into technology. With hundreds of channels and thousands of websites, children can be entertained for hours by sitting indoors with their eyes glued to the screens of their televisions or game systems. But in the 90’s, kids could be found around every corner, enjoying the day and soaking up the sunshine.

            If you ask any 90’s girl, they’ll tell you they owned a Skip-it. A plastic ball strapped around your ankle could keep you entertained for hours. Not only was it fun and challenging, it was a great way to exercise.

            Another fun way to exercise was by wearing moon shoes. Who could forget those gravity-induced moments where it felt like you could reach the sky? With the advertisements on Nickelodeon, these shoes quickly became popular among adolescents.  

For those hot summer days, every lawn would be covered in the ever-popular Slip-n-Slides. As dangerous as they are, there was no better way to spend your day. With distance up to 20 feet, it felt like a never ending slide. Or, you could even purchase the triple Slip-n-Slide and race your friends, often resulting in injury. Another great way to beat the heat was Super-Soakers. Groups of kids could be found sneaking up on one another only to soak them from head to toe with freezing cold water. 

 For the sport-loving kids, Nerf balls were the toy to have. With these foam balls, they were a lot less likely to leave bruises and were a great way to burn up an appetite before mom called you home to dinner.

 All-in-all the 90’s was a great time where kids could get together and waste the day away with harmless fun and games. Parents could relax knowing their children were playing and getting the right amount of exercise and not getting into trouble. So, if you want to relive you 90’s days, do not hesitate to purchase some 90’s toys and reminisce in the nostalgia from your childhood.


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