The dark side isn’t so dark after all

In Health & Lifestyles on December 16, 2011 at 7:46 pm

By: Trevor Ottley

Filled with antioxidants, dark chocolate serves as a great alternative for a desert. Photo courtesy of Google images.

When you think about chocolate, the thought of a delicious, decadent treat that melts in your mouth comes up. Unfortunately, you also think about how unhealthy chocolate really is. Luckily, it is not like that in all cases. There is chocolate that is actually healthy if used right; dark chocolate: dark chocolate is known to lower your blood pressure and contains antioxidants that are beneficial to your health. 

                Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate are all made from plants, so they naturally have antioxidants in them. The reason that dark chocolate is healthier, however, is that dark chocolate doesn’t contain milk, thus giving the chocolate more antioxidants, making it healthier for you in the long run. The plant that gives dark chocolate such healthy attributes is cocoa. Instead of having milk as the major add-in to dark chocolate, it actually contains 65 percent more cocoa then any other form of chocolate out there. This makes dark chocolate have a large amount of antioxidants in it. There is actually almost eight times the number of antioxidants in dark chocolate than in strawberries. Along with the antioxidants, dark chocolate also contains a chemical that stimulates your endorphin production, which is the chemical in your body that produces the feeling of pleasure. Also, it contains serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that acts as an anti-depressant in your body, so dark chocolate literally brings happiness to your life.

                Even though dark chocolate contains all of these healthy benefits, you need to be aware of how you eat it. You can’t just eat giant portions at a time, and expect to get these antioxidants right away. You need to eat small portions at a time and you can’t eat dark chocolate with milk as your drink. That defeats the purpose of eating dark chocolate completely. You can eat dark chocolate in a few different ways, such as pure dark chocolate, adding in orange peels or, the most popular, dark chocolate with nuts. Also, try to stay away from dark chocolate with nougat, caramel, or other flavor add-ins that could potentially contain fatty substances, also defeating the purpose of dark chocolate’s effects. If you’re looking for a tasty treat which isn’t detrimental to your health, then try dark chocolate.


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