Rumors on Kate Middleton pregnancy diminished

In Entertainment on December 2, 2011 at 7:55 pm

          By: Persephone McCollough

          Type in Kate Middleton on Google and the auto-fill feature will add on pregnant or pregnancy rumors. This new rumor has made its way, along with others, into various tabloids and magazines about England’s beautiful duchess. According to OK! Magazine, while Middleton was on a UNICEF trip inDenmark, a young child asked her to try out a packaged peanut paste. She refused to eat it and gave her “prince charming,” William, a “knowing look”.           

Nothing but all smiles for Kate Middleton as she attends Queen Elizabeth's palace party Monday night. Photo courtesy of Google images

People may ask why her refusal of peanuts is so significant. Many expecting mothers are told not to eat any peanut products in fear that the unborn child could get a food-born illness or develop an allergy. But, the myth had been recently reviewed by the Food Standards Agency which said, “There are no links to children developing allergies.” There are also other facts to debunk the rumor and others to support it. TheBuckinghamPalacestated that Kate has “no peanut allergy whatsoever,” nor does she favor them.

            On the other hand, the Examiner printed that when she arrived “at a palace party thrown by her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, on Monday night,” she was sporting a dress-shirt and a thin waist-line. Thus, giving visual proof that the duchess is, in fact, not pregnant. This does not cover up the fact that the prince and duchess do want to start a family within a year, but want enjoy their time now as husband and wife. This is somewhat of a downer for the media and the queen because, according to tradition, down the line most of the women married into royalty have had a child right after their ceremony. Take Princess Diana, for example, who announced her pregnancy with Prince William a few months after their honeymoon.

            As for Kate, William and the media, the obvious main focus is Kate’s fashion choices and suggestions of her winning the British Fashion Awards in 2012. So, put behind all of the rumors and gossip about Kate and her waist-line and just anticipate a blossoming family within the next year or so.


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