Preparing to demolish childhood hunger

In Local News on December 2, 2011 at 8:03 pm

By: Jordan Brown

With one holiday down and one more to go, families around the Charlotte area are preparing to receive boxes, bundles and bags but more importantly stuff themselves with food. While some families have their holiday fill, other children and families in our area and in other nations will be starving. The holiday seasons are some of the busiest months for charity food distributors. The need for these local distributors is in high demand as well as the need for world distributors.

            Kids Against Hunger is one of the few local places that provides meals for children across the world. The Kids Against Hunger Charlotte chapter is a local center that assembles the meals for the children; then fromCharlottethe meals are shipped. With as many as 600,000 meals assembled this year, children, specifically inNicaraguaandManagua, will be given the precious gift of food. “It’s a tiny thing, but in two hours you can pack enough food yourself to feed a child for a year,” Suzanne Yoh, the founder of theCharlottechapter of Kids Against Hunger said. TheCharlottechapter is just a “satellite” of major packaging distributors in Northeast U.S. andCanada, which helps to feed children in 60 countries. Packaging the food is just the final step in the long process of getting the food to the kids around the world and locally.

Kids Against Hunger works to end world hunger, one child at a time. Photo courtesy of Google images

            Before anyone can build packaging centers, buy food to send and distribute food to children, someone has to be an advocate for the cause. Sodexo Lead Organizer Grants send youth organizations out to spread the word about childhood hunger. Sodexo teamed up with YSA or Youth Service America to involve youth, ages 5-25, with stopping starvation in theU.S.  Over 200,000 dollars has been donated by the duo to provide youth with the materials needed to successfully recruit and involve other people in the fight against local hunger.  Through donations, fundraisers and support, these youth can save lives and help organizations like Kids Against Hunger to bring hunger to childhood anger to an end.

“With more than 16 million children in theU.S.enduring daily uncertainty about the source of their next meal, it will take creative intergenerational approach to rid our nation of childhood hunger,” Robert Stern, the president of Sodexo, said.

Childhood hunger is a problem here, there and everywhere; it doesn’t matter if an organization is providing food to countries around the world or the house down the street. Stopping children from going hungry is a huge task. By donating, spending time and spreading the word everyone can help demolish kids going hungry.


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