Music makes you lose control

In Editorials on December 2, 2011 at 7:58 pm

By: Trevor Ottley

Just keep on looking until you find the band that will keep you banging on the steering wheel and shouting to the windshield. Photo courtesy of Drew Marshall.

Recently, the rush to find new bands and explore the seemingly never-ending world of music is on the rise. For a while, it was hard to find a new band out there because the only resource was the radio. Now, we have multiple websites and radio stations that allow the user to search through different bands at their disposal. Some of these consist of Pandora, Last FM, Spotify, and Alt. Nation. I personally like to use Spotify and Alt. Nation because they allow me to find new bands I have never heard of and listen to more after I found them. I have noticed, however, that people tend to take credit for finding these bands and claim that they love this band, when in reality, they have heard only one of their songs. If you haven’t heard more than one song by a band, then how can you be in love with this band?

            If I find a band that I like, I usually look further into their music to see if I actually do like them or they aren’t very great after all. I love listening to music. Some people I’ve talked to say that their favorite band is one band that they heard one song by. If asked what other songs they have heard by them, they suddenly become confused and act like they have forgotten. Sure, you may like that one song a lot, but what if you look at their other content and it turns out to be a bunch of hooligans playing toneless junk with something that sounds like dying cats in the background? They obviously aren’t what you thought they were.

                        All I am saying is that it is great that you are finding new and different music, but don’t just say that you know every little detail about the band and claim that you love all of their music when you clearly know nothing about them. When you do find a song that you like, please look them up on one of the websites that is meant for that. You will experience what the band is really about and determine if you like them or not. Trust me; I have come across some iffy bands that are nothing of what I wanted them to sound like. Looking into the band further will be a huge benefit to your musical interests. If you don’t find that special band right away, then that’s okay. Just keep on looking until you find the band that will keep you banging on the steering wheel and shouting to the windshield.


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